This is a Poem I wrote for all the people out there who find themselves being judged for how they look on the outside but should be seen for who they are on the inside.

As I look around the world
I see beauty all around me
There is only one beauty in my eye's
And it comes from the heart
Beauty doesn't come from how you look on the outside
But from who you are on the inside
So many people judge others by there apperance
And don't realise it's what's inside that counts
Not everyones beauty comes out in looks
What you appear to be on the outside
Isn't who you are on the inside or as a person
I believe I am a beautiful person
But not because of how i appear or look
But because of how I treat others
My beauty comes from the heart

So next time you see someone who isn't beautiful in your eye's
Look past it
There beauty is most likely to come from there heart.

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