Welcome to  Mum's page..

This page is dedicated to my mother Sharron Marie Bastow whom I love with all my heart.

Welcome to My mum's page it contain's a poem about my mother and how much I love her and how close we are. I appreciate everything that she has done for me over the years I know i wasn't the easiest daughter to look after but i'm proud of who i am and that's all thanks to my mother Sharron.


Good mothers are special
Good mothers are rare
Good mothers always find a way of being there
Good mothers put up with what you have to give
Good mothers always give you a hundred reasons to live
Good mothers are really just like your best friend there always there for you
When your hearts in need of mend
To sum it all up, mum
I wouldn't trade you for the world
I love you so much
Your more precious than any pearl.

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