Welcome to Poetry Page Four

These are some Poems Written for my special friends.

Written for Rooda_69
I know a man who is sweet and kind
And wonderful in many ways
He is my friend you see
And the nicest friend a friend could be
His name is Rooda
And I met him over the computer
I'm glad we met even if over the internet.

Written for Hawk_2_1
If I could gather a million seeds and put them beneath the snow
Would you sit with me in the warmth of the sun
And watch my flowers grow
I couldn't climb the highest mountain
But then again I'd try
I'd climb the highest tree for you
And make the wild birds fly
I'd like to write a song for you and sing it for you aloud
But all my love is gathered up
And written in this poem
Even when you go astray my love for you won't end
Even though we can't be more
I'm glad we're still good friends.

Written for Bobby Handcuffer_69
I can not help but care for you
And hold you in my heart
For you I hold a special place
That no-one else could hold
I love you in a special way
And hope you feel it too
There is something about you
That makes me feel the way I do

Among the stars
A night so clear
I saw your face
You shed a tear
You called my name
Our lips apart
Then you reached out and stole my heart.

There is a place within my heart
That is yours alone
A part of my life
No-one else can own
The tears in my eye's
I can't fade away
And the pain in my heart
Will always stay.

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