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Welcome to Bryan's Poetry Page One

This Page is Bryan's because all the poems on it where written from the feelings and thoughts that I have had about him and shall always have. I have a special place in my heart for Bryan and him alone no-one else can fill. Even know we can't be together I will always love Bryan and nothing will ever change that.

I beleive that when your really in love and know it's real
Is when you can't get them out of your mind
When they are all you can think about
When you look at their picture more than once a day
When you speak to them and for hours after you still hear their voice in your head
But to top it off how you know if it is serious love
When you call someone by there name
Is when you dream of them for the first time
Because I beleive when you dream about someone you care about
And that you have known for while
But until now have never dreamed about them
Then you know that your dream is telling you that  you are in love.

You are my friend and a wonderful friend you are
I care for you very much
You have a special place in my heart
I love to talk to you and know that you are there
Even in good times and bad
Happy times and sad
But my feelings for you have grown
And from that
I feel happy and sad
Happy because I love that I love you
Sad because I can't be with you
Everyday my feelings grow stronger
And I want to be with you more
But know I can't
I keep smiling because I know that one day I will.

I can't explain what I feel for you
For I've never felt this way before
It's me seeing things differently
And want you so much more

The feeling I'm talking about
Is a special feeling that's true
A warm feeling of sensation
That I especially feel for you

I'm talking about love you see
It's the best feeling of all
It's what I feel for you
My love for you it's forever more.

You fill my head with words so sincere
You fill my mind with thoughts so sweet
You fill my days with smiles and laughter
You fill my heart with the love i'm after
You make love everything I ever dreamed it to beYou complete my love in every way
I love you.


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