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Welcome to Bryan's Poetry Page Two

My second page of poems written for Bryan..

My heart is beating so fast
And cause's me so much pain
But I endure every moment
For it may never come again
My pain is caused by many things
That I hold deep inside
But most of all it beats for you
And all the love you provide
I love you more than words can tell
And with every thump it shows
The faster my heart beats for you
The stronger my feelings grow
My pain is caused from not being with you
And living so far away
I love you I love you I love you
Is all that I can say, I just can't say it enough
But I have to admit it's breaking my heart
For I want us to be together
And hope that when we are it lasts forever
For my love for you will never die
It will live on for eternity.

Each time I think of you
My eye's are filled with tears
My heart begins to ache and I wish that you were near
You don't know how much I need you
I can't live without you
I need to have you with me
To have you for my own
As I feel the saltery water running down my face
I realise how much I love you
And my heart begins to race
But when my body starts to tremble
I know that for certain my heart is on the right track.

I tried to write a poem
I wanted to make you smile
I could have said i'd die for you
Or walk a thousand miles
That might sound poetic
But never really sincere
It's hard to put into words
What I have for you in here
"In here" is where you are
You've been there from the start
You alone, no-one else
Buried deep inside my heart


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