Welcome to Poetry Page Three

Sometimes I wish that you were here
Sometimes I wish I could hold you
Sometimes I wish I could kiss you
And not have to miss you when we don't speak
Just to have you near and close by
Not so far away
But it's such a distance
So much in between us
It all matters when i'm not near you
I feel lost when I don't speak to you
I feel alone when I miss you
Can't wait to speak to you
Longing to hold you, hug you, kiss you
And most of all
Longing to love you
Sometimes when I think of you
And I do it alot
I want to tell you how much I care
How much you make me smile
How much you make me laugh
And how you make me happy
Even if i'm only thinking about you
Thinking of how much I want to be with you
Even know your so far away
I know well hpe we will be together one day
No matter how ling we have to wait
It will be the best the most special day for me
And hopefully you too
But until that day we can make the best of the situation
All you have to remember is that I care for you
And love you more each day
And the longer away the day
Is the stronger my love will be.

I lay here at night and think of you
Wishing I could have you here next to me to fall asleep beside
I would love to fall asleep on your chest with one leg layed across yours
And fall asleep to the sound of your heartbeat
Or to have you lay behind me
With you kissing my neck as I fall asleep Peacefully
Knowing, feeling your there
To be able to make love to you
Like two perfect bodies moving in rythem and rhyme
As we slide on my satin sheets and we let out love be free
To have you love me back with the same love as I have for you
Feel the touch of your hand on my face as you kiss my lips
And I kiss you back with as much passion as I have for you
Not wanting out lips to part
Wishing we could stay this way forever.

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