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If you were the last tear drop in my eye
I wouldn't cry incase I lost it
And I don't want to loose you.

Remember little "m"
Remember little "e"
Put them together and remember little "me"

Today I sit as we speakthrough typing
As our friendship was found over the internet
The last place I expected to find a special friendship
Like the friend i have found in you
I wait on my computer for you to come online
And when your name lights up on my buddy list
My face lights up with it
And I get a smile on my face when I know your online
To have a friendship like ours is special to me.

Love is so simple yet so true
It has a way of making you feel happy one minute
And the next blue
It makes bad look good
And passion so true
Today and tomorrow
My thoughts are of you

Written for my friend Rick.
I have a friendship that is special to me
It makes me smile
It makes me laugh
To have a friend like you is a wonderful thing to have
You have a special place in my heart
Were your friendship will always stay
I know nothing more can come of it
But it makes me happy that we still have and always will have our friendship.

Sometimes I feel lonely and often blue
But nothing beats the feeling I feel when with you

For every heart that finds a love
There is a heart that cries
For every dream that is reborn
There is one that dies
For every day that is filled with sun
There's a day of rain
For every hour that's filled with joy
There's an hour of pain
For every smile upon a face
There is a tear to cry
For every found hello you said
There is a sad goodbye
For every new life in the world
There is a grave to see
For every heart that opens wide
There's one without a key 

Love is not what they tell you
It is not wonderful fresh and new
It is not beautiful or comforting love is pain
Pain that starts inside you
It starts of as a small ache
Then as he creeps in you
Feel the burning pain in your chest
You find yourself yearning for his love
Until he is all that fills your heart
Until he breaks it.

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