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April 14/06 -- Well, Season 3 has hit the field, with pretty much the same lineup as last year - even if a few people haven't actually shown up yet.

Cannons lost their first two games of the year - the second one a 19-6 shellacking by the HR-hitting Generals. If you ever wanted to see how not to play 'D', you should find a tape of that ballgame - probably set for broadcast on ESPN 8 "The Ocho".

Anyways, the first win of the year came last night, a 13-3 clubbing of Fox 'n Fiddle in quite a bit of rain. Everybody was hitting well, super-sub Randy Greenizan made a great running grab in RF, and a few players - Bucholtz, Jer and Chris - knocked 'em to the wall.

The game was played with a patchwork lineup, as regulars Ian Forbes (work), Scott Skolovy (flu), Ashley O'Hara (disapeared and assumed kidnapped), Dana Canuel (MIA), and Kelsey Lundquist (trapped under Coquihalla snowdrift), all didn't play for various reasons.

The team also began the season, of course, without its usual outfielder, lead-off man,  and pop-fly hitting extraordinaire Brad Gorski, who is on the longterm disabled list, but will hopefully return at some point this season as base coach. In the meantime, Sean Stewart returns aftera one-year absence, although it's unknown how many games he'll get to, now that his truck has been towed away.

Even if he does overcome that hurdle, he probably won't be able to find his glove.
Generals                    3         0        0
Finishers                    2         0        0
Tornados                   1         1        0
Patriots                      1         1        0
Cannons                    1          2       0
Fox 'n Fiddle              1          2       0
Goldkey Grinders     0          3       0
Gen X Cougars         0          2       0

Chris: That's not how you break up a double-play asshole.
Baserunner: You wanna argue about it?
I thought we already were...
During first game of the season.
First HR: Pat Bourke
First hit: Brad Gorski
First double: Ian Forbes
First triple:
Scott Skolovy
First R
BI: Chris Greenizan
First w
in: Jeremy Scramstad
First erro
r: Kyle Bucholtz

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