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Updating and still going large!!


           Welcome To The Odd Shop

         I can barely believe it myself, 6 whole years!  From a teeny, tiny, site with 15-20 pages to a huge one with more than 70.  This is the site's 6th year online since it was originally hosted on the Suny Morrisville student server.
        We're forever changing the content and the look of the site, there's always room for improvement.
     GB86 is also getting some work done because it has been moved to a different place, bear with us.  That means I'll be updating stuff pretty close to regularly again.  Stop in for updates and sign my guestbook or post a message on my message board.  And I appreciate suggestions on my lil' old plain site!  Message me on IM and AIM but keep it decent!
      Some new things: I now own 12 furbys, yay! I'm no longer dating because I'm now engaged to Andrew, the wonderful man I was talking to before and dating.  I still hate cia_agent_pernell or specialagent_pernell because he's scum, actually lower than scum.  Andre, I will NEVER forgive you for what you've done.  You were a sorry excuse for a stalker too!  If you're gonna stalk someone, do it properly.

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       I have no idea why I got the things but it's pretty weird and kinda fun, I got four of them.  I should learn to say NO more often.
      I was gonna change this wallpaper but people told me not to, so I won't.

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