EOBC Stories

Here are the letters that I sent out from EOBC. The Engineer's Officer Basic Course. This is a 17 week course that all Officers in the Army Corps of Engineers must take on active duty. There is no option for reservists. From the last week in January through the 4th week in May, 2002 I learned how to Build roads, buildings, and bridges. Then turned around and learned how to blow them all up. Other interesting skills I learned: How to properly lay a minefield, how to detect booby traps, how to get through and enemy's minefield, and the list goes on.

The stories:

EOBC 1 week down
EOBC 2 weeks down
EOBC 3 weeks down
EOBC 4 weeks down
EOBC 6 weeks down
EOBC 8 weeks down
EOBC 11 weeks down
EOBC 12 weeks down
EOBC, the final update

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