Ranting and Ravings
I shall allow my thoughts to flow freely on this page. I'll update this page from time to time to give new insights upon my life and my opinions on things, if I feel like it.

Before I start, please remember that these are purely my thoughts and you don't have to like them or agree with them. If you want to argue with me about them, go ahead.

Magic is good. My obsession for Magic the Gathering cards have been renewed. Thanks, mainly to the many hours of games we've played. My inclination towards the cards have been ignited so much that I actually bother to look up cards on the internet. God. I'm even bringing the damn cards to college to play. Ahha. Life is sad. Sad, but enjoyable. What a paradox.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking and messing around with my thoughts. I know that life throws all sorts of obstacles and bullshits to us in spite of the really good stuff. But for every good, there's a bad. Like a silver lining in a dark cloud sort of thing. And when you think about it, the dark clouds come and go, but beyond those dark clouds the sky is always blue. Everything will be fine.

It's been 3 long months of college life so far. And I do think that I enjoy it somewhat. The freedom that comes with it far outweighs the long hours of college with short hours of breaks. Most of the kids that I've met are pretty fun people and quite nice. They're very tolerant to the many insults that we can deal to them. Ahha. There are many people from all walks of life. Without a doubt, I feel that there is an even bigger variety of personalities as compared to secondary school. Life can only get richer and better.
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