Nick Khaw...unedited
When most people visit this page, I'm sure they all pretty much know my full name which is Nicholas Khaw Hock-Lu which makes me stop to think. Is this page really necessary? I mean, seriously, even if I posted my birthday or my height, weight etc, does it really matter? But then, on the other hand. What the hell.
Perhaps I'll display a few more personal details.

Most of you already know how I look like, so I refuse to describe myself from now on. I'll let you come to your own conclusion.

In the last edition of this page, I described myself physically. Now, I shall attempt something very difficult, talking about myself without sounding boastful. But, like I said, What the hell.

First of all, if I were to describe Nicholas Khaw Hock-Lu as the way he would be in a perfect world, I would say I'm this and that and so on. But this world's not perfect and I certainly am not. I'm a very argumentative person where I'm always looking to fly into any debates and those kinda stuff. Most of the time, I argue about useless things. I think that I'm a very stubborn or strong-willed person. If you don't like me, use stubborn. If you don't mind me, use strong-willed. It's very hard to change my opinion on something unless you come up with something extraordinary. In addition, I must admit I am very egoistical and full of pride. Which at times, can be really damaging. I would stop, but my pride holds me back. Besides all those, I think I would say I'm a very straightforward person, not tactful at all and perhaps a little too obnoxious.

As for my good side, I would say I'm a determined person, a person who has goals and will set out to achieve it and full of confidence. Those are the only good things that I will dare say about myself.

If you want to add to either, you can always tell me.
This is a pic of me where you can't see my face, it's for your own safety
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