Whether I'd like to admit it or not, I have to say that my friends and my acquaintances have really moulded me into what I am now, a monster. So bloody hell, if you don't like me, it's all your fault.
And seriously, if your name is not in the list below, it doesn't mean you haven't changed me one way or the other. And just so you know, to be on this list doesn't mean it's a priveledge. It could be a punishment , depending on how you look at it.

I updated this page to well, just make it look different.
But, this part's about the same.

A great big thank you to the people listed below in no particular ranking.

Vi Kee, Chiew Mei, Karen, Pojoo, Yee Meng, Jo-Lene, Adeline, Christina, Chen Chou, Chee Weng, Daniel, Yu-Shen, Joo Yee, Aaron, Calvin, Ka Seong, Heng Lean, Chew, Rizzat, Shahridan, Amin, Aizat, Azman, Hilal, Cheng Heng, Yeh Chuin, Alex, Sue Ann, Liquan, Joshua, Hafizah, Gooi Vern, Keth Lyn, Ka-Faii, Robin, Kim Huat, Kim Soon (K2), Peter, Khye-Vin, Loo, Kevin (K1), Francine, Joslynn, Teng Sue Ann, He Xiang, Jia Yin, Min Li, Sarena and so on...

If you think I might've forgotten your name, tell me and we'll see whether it'll be added to the list or not.
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