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Stephanie, my financial planner: First met her was in Parkway Parade where she doing a roadshow that was more than a year ago some where in Feb (03). What strike me the most was her smile. As she keep talking about intuition tells me "walk away" but there I was paralyzed,...memorizes by her smiles. Gee, I guess this is what you called first impression lasts. What was the difference from her and the others (insurance) was that we actually became friends.

Her hobby: She likes to watch tear jerking, romantic Taiwanese soap opera. Very
drama type whereby the hero will end up with the heroine in the finality after continuous of difficulty crossing their love path with lot of tear flowing.

Once a while if she were to be at my working vicinity we will have lunch/coffee break/dinner  together. Absolutely a
great gal to hang out with!

She can just
click with anyone and with her skill in evaluate problem as well as a good listener so if she not working in insurance line, I guess she has the potential of getting a job in a local magazine as editorial column under a assume name of Miss Agony or Miss Misery. Haha

She done her studies in
Down Under and had Master of Commerce, Bachelor of Science (Economics). Very impressive. I asked her once why she wants to be financial planner? She told me she simply likes to meet people. She is very independent person, self-assured person & not the least she is a bargain hunter. Of all my friends, she is second to none in bargain power. This I must learn from her.
In fact every times I met up with her I learned new interesting things.
Quoted from her: "
Turn the table around."
Peh, my ex colleagues: After ORD , I found a shipping job in Pasir Panjang. Peh joined the company about 3 days after I worked there. He was a quiet person, never making fun of our colleagues unlike me. He do have his sense of humor at timer though.

We work for three months and he found other job in another shipping company. He asked me to join him at his interview which I did and we started working together once again in a new environment.

During our working time in the company, we were very fortunate that Company decided to send both of us to Camdodia to work and we were
thrilled. Had a great time over there as we spend our time playing pool/tour in the city during office hours. Haha (Our boss won't know, ya). Both of us have similar........that is both of us actually is shy boys. I'm sure people knows me will surely disagreed.....

Currently both of us working a different company. Compare my present company and my ex-company (with him) is like pole apart. With him was entertaining, enjoyable and amusing, no doubt.

Oh yes.....I reared my fishes because of his influence.....he was a
fish lover. I remember we went to a place in Tampines(Farm area) went fishing in a BIG DRAIN catching guppy...haha.

Last christmas (03) we went to our ex-company for a gathering and eent to his house with Rachel somewhere in Feb 04 for a visit and he had a 2 months old son already.

Khoon, my army friend: Like other we went through from recruit to ORD. He have the most boyish looks in our platoon, if not our company. He was the apple eye of our platoon sergeant. Dun be fool by his boyish look, he was huge! His arm can compare to my thigh.
He was very athletic person. During the IPPT test he would mostly take gold.

Roadmarch, or climbing up hill is like stepping cockroaches to him. We are in the mortor platoon, we have to built camourflage over the mortar during exercise. We have six mortar consists of 4 men each. He is in mortar no.6 and everytimes mortar 6 always have to best camourflage
credit to him alone cos the other 3 person are incompetent. By the way, mortar no.6 consist of Khoon, Toh , Bear & (Pee- no pics). Haha

Also it is due to his influence, I took up my 2A driving license with him.
He went for his first and only reservist as he had a motorcycle accident which exempted him from any further participation in NS.

He became vegetable delivery man after he ORD. But within 6-7 years he setups his own company supplying veg with his own lorries and brought himself a surbaru car. This is no easy feat indeed. He was the most successful person in our platoon then.
However recently luck doesn't favor him, his company was fold and now just selling vegetable in the market. .
But with his
drive and determination, I'm sure he will rise back to the occasion in the future.

Me & Khoon
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