Crazy friend continue
Lam, my army friend: He broke his arm during his recruit time and when he recovers about a year later he was posted to serveral places. To name a few: mortar platoon, pioneer platoon, 106 platoon, signaler, storeman, clerk and messboy. In short, he was all over the place. Haha........Now during our reservist, his vocation is armskoteman (Rifles store room)

His fave past time was making fun of people and he was extremely good at it. He was
unquestionably the best in our company as his jokes was top notch. He is like a comedian, with his wit we never fail to have a good laugh. Like Toh, he is important to us when we are back in our reservist.

Going out with him is undeniably fun,
always expect the unexpected from him.
He loves prawn. I remember once we went to have steamboat just for eating prawn. After taking necessary items like foods/plates......he opened his plastic bags and took out his homemade chilli sauce.

He's now working in UOB bank as stock analysis.
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