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A lost friend
Tee, my buddy: He was not just a friend to me, he was my buddy! He's is the most humorous and witty person I ever met. Without a doubt if not for his companionship, my 2 years in the NS would be boring, if not dreadful.

He came to our platoon the same time as Toh as he from "C" Company. We seem to hit on very well instantly. In Army we have a buddy system and he is not my buddy. But because we along so well that we called /became each other buddy instead of the actually allocate person.

We used to stick together during our Army days as just like Frodo and Sam in Lord Of the Ring show. Even in the tough period we had like exercise including training from Thailand to Taiwan but with him around......fun were never far, my laughter always can be heard.
We used to suan other guys in our platoon to the extend we were much fear then. Hahaha

We were so close that during our rest & relax in Thailland & Taiwan, we would share the same room. Whenever our friends cannot find Tee, they would look for me or vice verses.

After ORD in 93 we still keep contact. We went to our reservist together always and tried to be bed buddy as well. That how closes we were. As he is a Arsenal fan while I'm Liverpool whenever these 2 teams played we would analysis and comment often ending up debating.

We often hang out a lot in the pub & disco, observing and commenting girls, making fun of them if possible and most of all drink ourselves silly. Damn, it was fun.

He got married and buys a flat in Sengkang and I have been to his place a couple of times. I remember when I first went to his new house, he got his keys. He told me how he wanted to design and what colour to painted on each room. He then spend 2 weeks painting the whole house alone. I thought he was fantastic cos he managed to fulfilled his dream.

On my birthday in Jan (2003) we went to have dinner together with Bear and he gave me a key chain as present then. That was the only time he brought something for me. To me his greatest gift to me was his friendships.

However all good things eventually comes to an end, I guess.
He passed away last year (2003) end of March and leaves behind his wife and a daughter.
The last time I saw him was around Feb (2003) when we went to Madam Wong together.
Til now I have never step in Madam Wong ever since.

He is the only person who understand me; how I think, how I feel.
I miss him. I will remember him forever.

A poem for my buddy
You are like a hand to pull me up
from darkness and despair
Though you might be gone
I will never forget
the times we spend together
memories they will always last forever.

Bear & Tee
taken together
[Some people come into our lives & quickly goes. Some stay for a while and yet other will leave quietly. And friends like Tee leaves footprints on my hearts. -- Nick]
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