Mortar Men       
Chong, my army friend: His nick name is called old vegetable (hokkien)
Our platoon gave him this name because his face looked beyond his age..
He was the same platoon as me. We didn't talk much through during our 1st year in NS. Oh no, he was not the quiet types. In fact he make the most noises. Bear can testify to that!

I thought I was impatient person, it was like turtle and a rabbit compare to him.
Going swimming for example, without taking off his shirt and he jump into the water.

During year of 94 when I shifted to Pasir Ris, when I needed help in painting my house so he and bear help me. No complaint whatsoever. What a great chap, ya!

I remember once his motorcycle broke down, he call me up and I went there to drive him home as he carry some stuff. (He left his motorcycle there at carpark)
His wife was there as well so they got up to my van and guess what?
Both of them sitting behind me, leaving me feeling like a
ah mat (driver)

He is a very straight forward person. Speaking off his mind often and that is great cos you wouldn't want to befriend a man behind a mask person.
During his wedding dinner, I actually took a bottle of liquor back home. instigate by Tee of course. The bottle is still in my house. He has been chasing me for it ever since.

Haven't change much for the past ten years since ORD, but his hair seem getting lesser and lesser. How will he look in bald?

A song for him
When I was just in the army, I asked bro Fai
What will I be?
Will I be handsome......will I be bald
Here what I said to him.
Que sara sara
Whatever will be ....will be.
The future not ours to see.
Que sara be bald or not.

[I got his comment over the phone. He request for chong instead of old veg to be put instead. Listen to what he says]
Bear, my army friend: I knew bear when I was in the recruit (army).
As he is round, so we called him "care bear" after the tv show. But after a while we called him bear for short. This nick name of his stick to him until now.

From recruit to private until we ORD, we stay together as the same platoon, mortar platoon.
We are also known as mortar men. 

Bear was always confound or blur during his recruit time. He was still blur during the time when he serves the remaining 2 years in NS. However by the time ORD he suddenly obtain enlightenment, very sharp. To my surprise!

But when he had to go back his reservist, he become blur once more.
Once I asked him why he like
Jekyll and Hyde person?
He told me he suffer from
split personality.

In the Hokkien term, I think it called "GENG"

Don't be deceive by his size....he actually by soft spoken person. You have to stain your ear just to hear what he have to says. His willingness to learn new things or try new stuff is amazing.
Toh, my army friend: Known him at the same time as Bear. During my army days, he took really good care of me. Now selling durian at Seragaroon, abt 3 block aways from Jediman house.

He came into our platoon only after we went for our mortar conversion course. From there onwards, life in our platoon never been the same. He became the
icon of our platoon!

Without him there is no laughter, no fun and above all......he became the most influence person in our platoon. He is our voice, our captain and our
Even now back to my reservist, if without him......will be very boring indeed.

Whenever he near, you will hear his voice before he see him in person. A
walking loudspeaker. What a contrast of bear!

One of his biggest plus point is that he is very helpful. Met his wife few times.....what a lucky chap, a pretty wife. Of all my friends wives he got himself the best,........... he said it himself.

Oh yeah, speaking of the devil, he still owe me money.
Toh.................Owe money, pay money hor.

I think I'm going to do a
re-enactment. (Chee vs PM)

Me shouting, " Don't run...don't run. Where is my money? You can run, but you cannot hide."
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