My crazy friends
Rachel, my ex- galfriend: Well, we knew each other through work. I never met her though, although we knew each other for a year over the phone. I'm doing shipping and she supplying material to vessel. She always sounds so sweet on the phone during our tel-conversation that even I drink water, it tastes like honey.

I remember the first time asking her out & she agreed I felt like I just conquer Mount Everest.......the feeling is like on the top of the world.

As she's very talkative, that broke our barrier when we first met. Our first meeting, hmm...was quite a disaster. I left her quite a bad impression then. Haha.
Yes it was bad. What did I do? Nope I'm not talking.

Her interest is one thing only..... that is shopping. That is every women loves, it my nightmare.
She shops, I drop.
When she shop, it remind me of a song in the Army which goes like this...........
"I walk all day, I walk all night....I walk like I never walk before"

I love it when she did those handmade cards for me and regrettably I could only buy for her as I'm very bad in making handwork stuff. She also very thrifty person which is good for me.

Now she working as insurance adviser and our lifestyles somewhat had change
But we will have to accommodate each other and hopefully it could bring us to a higher level.

This is the only voice message she ever send to me. She sound so sweet Everytime, I hear this, I juz melt...................Click
here to listen.

broke off on 21/10/2004 after 19 months together.
She was really a very nice gal.

I wish her all the best in her future journey and I'm very sure she will find a better person in her life.
Roger, my sec friend: His nick name is called "poh piah". I knew Roger for almost 20 years since sec 3. Yes it that long. He is a very quiet person, he is a listener person. In fact he's the elusive one.

He is a love it or hates it fellow. Why do we nick name him "poh piah"? Cos he lives in tanglin and there is famous tanglin poh pian so we juz link him together.
Anyway, he seems to enjoy his new found fame and to this date I still called him by his nick name. Look at his picture, will tell you how quiet he is, isn't it?

He's now happy married with a son. His wife is a Thai so whenever u called him the first word is not hello but

Though we seldom meet cos he busy schedule, but we still keep in touch.

Now he working in hotel line and been in this line ever since he started working. Yes that mighty long isn't it?  He never seems to get bored though.

PS: If you want a good health, long life.....contacts him via me.
He got health product he can recommend.
Roger &
Melvin, my STI friend: He likes to call himself Jediman as he is avid fan of Star Wars. We had known each other for more than 15 years since my years in the STI. I still remember he used to dye his hair (blond) so everyone called him "Kim Mor" (Golden Hair). That his nick name in STI then. I think another 15 years from now, everybody starts call him "Bo Mor" (Bald)

He's is the only classmate in STI I still keep contact with. We used to hang out quite a lot & that was the good old days. He's is kind of secretive person. He had a gf for 4 years already and I got to know only a year ago!

Now I remember, 2 years ago I thought I saw him with a girl but when he saw me he did a
hidden dragon, crouching tiger stunt. Why was he so afraid of, I wonder.

Recently he ties the knot and got a flat at woodland/sembawang.

We ocassion still hang out if he managed to get
permission from his wife. Apparently he was timid by nature and it was evident when you go out with him & his wife. Also he was very conscious about his appearance as well. His clother/hair always is neat & orderly.

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