Easy Woodgrain Borders
Get C r e a t i v e with Text. After going to all that work designing a great background, Spiffing up your page with colorful text and images can make for a killer web page.

Below is a partial RGB/Hexadecimal Color Chart I put together to get you started. Click on the links below to find out where I discovered all these
web learning treasures.

Partial RGB/Hexadecimal Color Chart

To find out how to design this background go back to Easy Woodgrain Borders.

Bullet Pagetutor.com
Joe Barta has excellent "Hands On" tutorials for Frames, Tables, Forms, Basic HTML, Magic Button, Javacript,Page Tutor, Meta Tag Primers and Image Maps.

Bullet HTML Goodies
Joe Burns walks you through Java Scripting, Java Applets, CGI Scripting, DHTML and much more.

Bullet Writing HTML
A "Hands On" HTML Tutorial from the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (MCLI) that walks you through all the steps for creating Web Pages. MCLI is an excellent web learning resource.

Bullet The Sevloid Guide to Web Design
An excellent site for finding out everything you are doing wrong with your web page design.

Bullet What You Need to Know About
Indexed links to web clipart, backgrounds and much more.

Bullet The Java Boutique
Experience the world of Java Applets like the Lake Effect (very popular), plus many Text and Image effects. Also learn how to work with Java applets.


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