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Several years ago I acquired Alien Skin Eye Candy and just had a ball playing with my new Plug Ins. I really got carried away with Chrome and Inner Bevel and before I knew it I had enough buttons, bars and bullets to fill a page. Then I thought to myself why not make backgrounds to match and share them with the whole world.

All the graphics on these pages are free of charge. Please use whatever you like and I hope you enjoy my work. Also, many of the sets have interchangeable buttons, bullets and icons. Therefore, you may want to check them all out before making a decision on the ones you would like to use on your new web page.

Since all of my graphics are free, you do not have to link them to my site. However, a link is definately appreciated. Please use the Button at the bottom of this page marked Graphics by Paulie. If you would like to email me after your page is finished, please do. I would love to see how creative you are and really enjoy checking out other web sites. In the near future I will be providing a link back to sites using my graphics.

NOTE: I have created all of the FREE GRAPHICS on my web site. Please feel free to use what you like, however, they are not for distribution. DO NOT include them on any other collections. Thank you for your consideration!

I will be adding new selections on a regular basis, but for now, just click on any of the sets below to see further details. Note, my current selections are all Left Border Sets complete with buttons, bars, and welcome signs. Many have quest books to match.

If you see something that appeals to you, but could be designed a little differently, please just email me.


Paulie's Holiday Clipart

Flower Set Leaf Set Deco1 Set Turquoise Set
Brass Royalty Set Blue Royalty Set BLack Deco Set Copper Deco Set
Green Weave Set Angel Set Bouquet Set Flower Ribbon Set
Flower Vase Set Gold Frame Set Victorian Set Victorian Flower Set
Victorian Set One Silk Bird Set Antique Rose Set Antique Rose Set One
Yellow Rose Set Victorian Lady Set Antique Doves Set Feather Rose Set
Antique Violets Set Pansy Basket Set Victorian Angel Set Angel Set One
Antique Flowers Set Blue Hearts Set Grape Vine Set Birds Set
Red Rose Set Pink Rose Set Flower Design Set Blue Deco Set
Antique Deco Set Baby Duck Set HotAir Balloon Set Pencil/Cup Business Set

4th of July Set Halloween Set One Halloween Set Two Halloween Set Three
Thanksgiving Set One Thanksgiving Set Two Christmas Set One Christmas Set Two
Christmas Set Three Christmas Set Four Christmas Set Five Christmas Set Six
Christmas Set Seven New Years Set One New Years Set Two Valentine Set One
Valentine Set Two Valentine Set Three Valentine Set Four St. Patrick's Day Set One
St. Patrick's Day Set Two Happy Easter Set One Happy Easter Set Two Mother's Day Set One


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