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Many months ago I decided to make a Personal Web Page and thought to myself all I need to do is download a free background, bar and a few buttons to match. I spent many, many hours searching for just the right combination, however, nothing seemed to match the animated logo I created. After a while the animated logo didn't look all that great to me. It seemed that the really killer web pages were created with a graphic program like Photoshop and unfortunately it didn't fit into my budget.

I noticed during one of my many searches that many sites were using Paint Shop Pro, a shareware program offered by JASC, Inc. They offer a 30 day free trial that doesn't expire on the 31st day.If the program works for you the licensed program can be purchased for $99.00 (this price includes Pixel 3D). If you don't have a copy of Paint Shop Pro shareware download it now. JASC Software

There are so many helpful tips on the internet to create special effects with this program. However, after working with Paint Shop Pro I decided to design a few more bordered backgrounds. I hope that my background tutorials give you a few ideas of your own.

Before you try any of my tutorials you may want to check out The Filter Factory for a large selection of shareware Plug In Filters that work well with Paint Shop Pro. I also use several of them for my tutorials. If you don't have these filters, download them now. Filter Factory Galleries.

PSP Tutorials

Bullet Lacy Valentine Tutorial

Bullet Valentine PSP Tutorial

Bullet Flower Bordered Backgrounds

Bullet Decorative Bordered Backgrounds

Bullet Easy Woodgrain Borders

Bullet Easy Woodgrain Borders Option


The following links are just some of the sites that I spent many hours referring back to, please take my advise and check them out:

Explore the World of the Web Wizard and discover very useful Web Tips, Graphic Designs, HTML, Animation and much more.

Absract Dimensions (formerly Fine Line Grapfix by Webweaver)
Abstract Dimensions has a very informative site for Paint Shop Pro Tips. Most are contributions submitted by various PSP artists.

State of Entropy
Tom has an excellent site with many, many tutorials for PSP 4, 5, 6, 7. Many tutorials include Blade Pro Presets, Puzzle Photos, TV Screens and much more.

PSP Tutorial Links
A comprehensive list of PSP tutorials for Backgrounds, Buttons, Text Effects and more.

Web Graphics On a Budget
Mardi Wetmore has great Paint Shop Pro Tips. A must site to discover how to design Instant Buttons, Border Backgrounds, Fancy Text and also learn PSP Basics. Check out her new Tubes tutorial for PSP5.

Sumrall Works, Inc.
Web Design, Graphics, Domain Hosting, CGI Java Scripts, Freebies, Povray & Paint Shop Pro Tutorials, Backgrounds and more.

Grafx Design
T. Michael Clark advertises his book "Paint Shop Pro Web Techniques" (a must).
Plus his site has a vast collection of great PSP Tips.

Robins Paintshop Resources
Robin Wood has her own tutorials for PSP 5, 6 and 7. Plus over 4,000 links to other great PSP tutorial sites for all occasions. She has quite a few Blade Pro Presets. A must site to bookmark.



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