Here are some poems that have been written by me.... My main thing is writing and it's a basic reflection of my feelings and stresses at times

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~The Sweetest Dream~

~The Carolina Rose~

~I Didn't Know~

~What You Should Know~


~A Rainstorm~



~Leaving You~


The Sweetest Dream

Of all the things dreamed in my life the sweetest thing is that of he
who comes and goes in ways unknown and brings unreal joy to me
and in this world the term perfect is no where near imagined for one
the deepest love of a person that an individual could ever fathom
and though this occured all in my mind I experienced every moment of him
the touch of his hands, and the way his breath flowed, they felt as real as the gentle summer wind
I gazed in his eyes, they were as deep as the night I dreamed within
And if asked in the morning after, I would swear not one part of us was imagined
i wished this could last always, with my head feeling the steady beat of his heart
yet I knew as soon as I should awaken, my dreams and my reality would soon again part
how can he be mine in my world, when in reality he is so far away?
will he ever know how we meet each night, and the things that we always say
and now i feel as if us being in my nightly realm may not be enough
that i need him to be here in my reality, that i need to feel real love
my dreams aren't enough now for him to hold me near
That besides my nights, I need him in my everyday, to have him right here
Yet until that day that our fate should come I'll cherish him in my mind
And have love in a world all ours that one day he too shall find
The world within my heart and soul, my nights where nothing is what it seems
The reasons why he will forever remain, my sweetest dream

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The Rose

One evening

In the cool night air

I came across a single rose

It somehow was surviving

The cold fall air that now surrounded it

As the Carolina air had now turned against it

And I imagined this rose

In the dawn of it`s life it had seen the sun

The sun who promised so much

It caressed her with it`s warm rays

The sun who nurtured her and let her grow all the summer days

The rose grew so beautifully, as if the sun would see it no other way

It seemed to make her petals an even more rouge with every ray it shined down

And it warmed that Carolina airso she may breathe deeply and feel warmth and love

And in that summer, the rose knew no deeper love and beauty

But as swiftly as the sun had come to cherish her

It suddenly had went awayAnd left her to shiver in the cold air

Summer suddenly descended into fall

And she was left alone

Left without the summer`s warmth

Left to die

And that is where I found the rose

Hey beauty descending

The love she exuded fading

Her petals falling one by one as if tears shed

For her sun, for her strength, for her summer

Those last rouge petals, cast aside by what was once love

And laying waiting to be swept away by the now cold Carolina air

As the rose realizes soon she will be no more

But alas, summer will come again, the sun will cherish another

Until that rose too realizes the pain of the fall, and of broken promises...

And thus is the cycle of love

And of the rose....

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I Didn't Know

I didn't know
I'd miss all these things
and all the feelings leaving would bring

I didn't know
that eventually you would affect me so much
and that all I'd want is your touch

I didn't know
that I could miss hearing your voice
that falling for you suddenly became not a choice

I didn't know
the first time you spoke to me
how much on my mind you would be

I didn't know
that one day all I'd want is you
and start to feel the way I do

I didn't know
that I'd want you here with me everyday
promise me you'll never go away

I didn't know
the thought of you could be so surreal
this is the way you'd eventually make me fell

Yet somehow I've come to know....
I've missed you so
Why did you have to go?

I wish I could make you see
What you've become to me
I wasn't supposed to fall
   Now I smile at your every call
And I didn't know one day
       these are the words I would say...


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What You Should Know

Once upon a time
when dreams never came true
I found the impossible dream
I found you
And once upon a time
You made me so happy
until the day I realized
you never cared for me
Once upon a time
I fell in love to fast
and in my stupid foolishness
I thought that we might last
and now I feel so heartbroken
for in my mind it never occurred
that for all those times you might think of me
instead you just made me hurt
Why didn't it come to me
that you couldn't keep it real
you'd just keep playing games with me
not care about how I feel
And now on this day
all I can ask is "why?"
the words you said weren't real
and wipe away these tears I cry
And remember.....
My once upon a time
Not so long ago
When you made me so happy
Now pain is all I know...

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Dream of something new

Of me and you

Of not being so blue


Dream of something beyond imagination

Of something that deserves no explanation

Just to be....


Dream of something past this day

Of nothing else left to say


Dream of an endless starry night

Of Someone who is your one true light

Of what you know in this world is right


Dream of being able to fly

Of never having to ask "why?"

Of someone never making you cry


Dream of anything in your mind

Look deep inside and try to find

Dream of love

Heaven above

Starry skies

A new sunrise

Day turning into night

Love taking flight

A dream

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A Rainstorm

A single


Droplet of water

Slides easily down the contour of my face

and slips off the edge

And although I can feel another droplet

Form in my eye

I cannot help but produce this rainstorm

of tears which now move constantly


Because when hearts are broken

Tears are almost always in the forecast

The storms cannot be stopped

From the clouds that are your eyes

So they fall

So fast

So hard

Until you can find a way

To mend your heart just a bit

And cease the storm causing

Your eyes, your clouds, to finally dry

And wait for the next rainstorm...

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Broken pieces on the floor

Bits and pieces I can't bear to see anymore

Jagged little pieces lying there

and even though I do not want to, I cannot help but stare

And wonder who could ever

Put these shattered pieces back together

Endless shards lying so lifelessly

Seems to strike the very core of me

They seem to be so many, so scattered

And all seem to contain what ever really mattered

Still I sit and wonder it could take

To stop these pieces from their constant crash and break

If I had only known they could break, feel or touch

But it's too late, the damage is done

And it appears that I will be the one

To have broken pieces again,

shattered apart

The broken shattered pieces of my heart...

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I sigh
I realize what has happened
why I let
that thickening silence form over
broken words that were never spoken
to you
how the words said in daydreams
and wishes waiting in the wings of
my mind die slowly and surely as they
realize they will never take
place in that scene in my life as
I am assured that all I want
to speak can never be spoken
spoken, thoughts not released as
easily as my tears fall
into a current of constant confusion as
I sigh, and realize
what has happened

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Leaving You

Apart for a day
Seems like a sudden eternity
To know this will not last
Seems to silently kill me
The knowledge that I must leave you
That fateful upcoming day
To know what I have
Will soon be taken away
And yet to not be able to tell you
All you need to know
The secret hidden for so long
Of how I've loved you so
And the tragedy of knowing
You feel the same way
But the confusion of why
It is so hard to say
Still I cannot leave you
Without confessing my heart
To let you know all that I feel
Before we must part

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One night
I sat and counted the stars in the sky
And although I knew I could never
count all of them
I picked one out and realized
That star could never be another
It could never twinkle like the one beside it
Never shine, spark a smile from me
The star is irreplacable
Once it is gone that space can never
be filled the same way again
And that was when I realized
You're my star
And now that you are gone
my space seems so empty, so incomplete
The twinkling I once knew has ceased
And now I know
No other star in my sky
Could even be you

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