Welcome to my hiking adventures website!

I am in my late sixties, retired, and spend most of my time in New Hampshire, very close to the White Mountains. I very much enjoy hiking the NH 4K footers year round, with an occasional trip out of the area for highpointing.

I have finished the New England 100 Highest Peaks list in non-winter, and am very close to finishing both the New Hampshire 4000 footers and the New England 4000 footers in winter. I have just started nibbling at the edges of the New England 100 Highest in winter, but that list seems very daunting.

I enjoy highpointing my way, only doing highpoints that are interesting hikes. As of August 2005 I have done eight state highpoints and 50 county highpoints. The latter include all the counties in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

In 2005 I went hiking in Switzerland, and did a few stages of the Walkers Haute Route. I enjoyed it so much that I returned in 2007, and hope to make it an annual trip.

Most of the material on this site will be short, informal trip reports, together with a smattering of short articles and essays.

This site started out as being a personal site, but I have begun adding a few items that may be of general use.

The first such item is a section giving, for each of the new England states plus New York and Pennsylvania, the coordinates of each county highpoint, both in degrees and minutes plus decimals of a minute, and in UTM. In addition, each county name contains a link to a Topozone map centered on that highpoint.

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