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 Life as a Nun

When she was 18 Anges, which is what people called her then, traveled to Ireland to help the poor. The next year Anges went to India to teach at the Loreto Convent School and help needy people and children. She chose the name Teresa meaning "The Little One" she was only 5 feet tall, about as tall as me and was the smallest in the convent. God told her "in order to help the poor, live among the poorest of the poor" and that is what inspirered her to become a nun, also that she was very religious.

In 1931 Anges took her first vows to become a nun, and in 1937 she took her final vows to become a nun and became headmistress of St. Mary’s High School. While she was headmistriess she became known as Mother Teresa. She taught there for 17 years.

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