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1910-Mother Teresa was born as Ganxhe Anges Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Yugoslavia, on August 27

1928-Joined the Loreto Convent and chose the name Teresa which means "The Little One."

1931-Took first vows to become a nun.

1937-Took final vows to become a nun.

1946-On September 10 experienced "Day of Inspiration."

1950-Established Missionaries of Charity.

1955-Opened Shishu Bhavan a home for abandoned babies.

1964-Opens Shanti Nagar a leper village.

1968-Opened centers in Italy and Tanzania.

1970-Opened centers in Australia, Jordan, and England and visited Skopje for the first time in 42 years.

1971-She was given the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize and the John F. Kennedy International award.

1972-She got India’s Jawahrlal Nehru Award for International Understanding.

1973-Recivied The Templeton Prize.

1979-Mother Teresa won the highest prize a person can get: The Noble Peace.

1982-Mother Teresa went to Beirut on behalf of the Pope.

1997-Mother Teresa died in Calcutta, India.

1998-The Pope was considering about making Mother Teresa a saint.


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