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In 1971 she was given the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize and the John F. Kennedy International award. She also got $60,000 for a "People’s Peace Prize" a prize the people of Calcutta gave her, because of her work, she is known as "Saint of the Gutters."

The next year she got India’s Jawahrlal Nehru Award for International Understanding. One year later she received The Templeton Prize.

In 1979 Mother Teresa won the highest prize, the Noble Peace Prize, along with $193,000. She was only the 3rd woman in history to win the Nobel Prize and that is partly why she became famous. Also, she lived among the poor who nobody would ever think of and who she helped and what she did that is what made her famous.

In 1982 she visited Beirut on behalf of the Pope. The "Co-workers" was formed in Poland, Japan, and as far North as The Arctic Circle. Her work has spread to about 50 Indian cities and about 30 other countries. 

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