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The X-Files Single

1. Original version
2. Terrestrial Mix
3. P.M. Dawn Mix

As far as merchandising goes this is an interesting one, as it is almost unheard of for a TV program to actually spawn a best selling single and album.

Original version
The first track is the theme music we all know and love, but allowing 3.5 minutes rather than the 40 seconds allowed on TV gives it a whole new breath of live, and dare I say it, spookiness. Scary, deep down fears inside music.

Terrestrial Mix
Dance version of the theme music, which is rather uninspiring.

P.M. Dawn Mix
Low key mix by P.M. Dawn of Memory Bliss and Patient Eyes fame which gives the music an almost prince/club feel while retaining its character. However, the inclusion of occasional speech samples from the program detracts rather than adds to the effect.

Worth buying for the curiosity factor alone.

Source: Neil Wallman's Film & Sci-Fi Journal [www.filmsci-fi.demon.co.uk/x-music.htm], 1996.

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