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The X-Files: The Score

Wow - did I like this movie! Yes I am an X-Files fan, but I am also a Mark Snow fan. Ever since I found out that he was an Oboe Major at Julliard (along with Michael Kamen!) I had to listen to his work. After all I am an oboe player aspiring to be a film composer! The music was great - and it was so nice to see Mark Snow with an orchestra sound! (Don't get me wrong - I like the Synth sounds - but it just doesn't beat the real thing!)

I was a little worried at first. Near the beginning of the film when the FEMA officials are at the contamination site the music swells up from nothing in just a few seconds and then back down to nothing - and the action on the [screen] didn't call for that kind of music. But Mark Snow improved through the course of the film - my favorite musical scene being when Mulder and Scully drive off to try to catch up with Phantom tanker trucks. The "Native American" feel to the orchestration and the driving rhythm were great for an otherwise boring shot.

Overall the music is wonderful. If you have enjoyed some of his work for the X-Files or Millenium then you should get this Score. It is wonderful to hear such a versatile composer, he can switch from ambiance to rock to mildly classical and still retain his identity. Good job Mark Snow!

Overall: *****
Playing the Scene: ****
Originality: *****
Orchestration: *****
Composer Style: *****

Source: Muse4Film [www.geoworld.com/Hollywood/Academy/4148/Reviews/xfiles.html], 1998.

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