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November 17, 2001

Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon

Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon (from the creators of The Dancing Cow) is a parody of the recent film Pearl Harbor. It debuts online on December 4th but the film's complete soundtrack is already available at PH2's official website (www.PearlHarborII.com) and it is free. There are seven short score tracks written and performed by Mark Snow (MP3 format, 4:09 minutes total) and one end credits song written by Robert Moniot.

Snow's score for The Dancing Cow was also released online. You can find the complete soundtrack for this film at www.thedancingcow.com.

The status of this season's Mark Snow-related projects

Smallville: WB's strongest new series this season debuted with a 68-minute pilot episode that achieved all-time records for the network. It continues to perform strongly each week, beating its rival Roswell across many key demographics. The show was immediately picked up for a full season after the excellent performance of the first two episodes.

Pasadena: Fox's primetime soap/drama is, unfortunately, absent from the network's schedule throughout November. Stuck in the same timeslot that saw the demise of Harsh Realm, The Lone Gunmen and Millennium, Pasadena attracted the least number of viewers in its timeslot. Although Fox claims the show will return on December 7th, Pasadena might not be renewed for another season. (If you haven't heard Snow's work for this show, I strongly advise you to do so when it returns.) [Note: Pasadena will now return sometime in 2002. - added on Dec. 25th]

The X-Files: Returning for another year of conspiracies and spookiness, Fox's long-running drama received less-than-enthusiastic numbers for its ninth season premiere episode. It was down 25% from its lead-in and 39% from last season's premiere (Within).

Other Series (Theme only):
CBS's The Guardian is currently the "most-watched new drama of the season". UPN will be giving Special Unit 2 a full second season.

Source: Yahoo News [www.yahoo.com]

2001 Pixie Awards

The "Best Musical Score for an i-Feature Film" award went to Louis Febre for The Revenge of the Red Balloon.

in Canada and Australia

According to The Superman Homepage, the Nine Network (Australia) will air Smallville in early 2002. Also, Canadian fans may have to wait until 2002:

"Global TV in Canada have announced that they plan to hold the show until the new year. Although several local channels are reported to start broadcasting the show on October 16th, the same as The WB network in America. Fans in Alberta and Mantioba are in luck as the A-Channel is possibly airing the show even earlier than the premiere in the U.S.! Furthermore, most cable markets in Canada now include WB anyway so it might not be an issue many Canadians will have to worry about."

September 28, 2001

Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon

From Taz Goldstein, producer of Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon and director of The Dancing Cow:

"Iíve got good news, and bad news. The good news is: Mark just scored our latest short film, and the music is remarkable. The bad news is: The film is a parody of the recent feature film release Pearl Harbor. So, obviously we have no intention of releasing it right away, [due] to the tragic events that took place [on September 11th]. We intend to sit on the film until we feel enough time has passed ... as soon as we feel the climate is right, and people are ready to laugh at a war film parody. It may be a while yet.

"Just like The Dancing Cow soundtrack, the PH2 soundtrack will be made available as free MP3 Downloads from the site. For updates, you can check out the soon to be launched Web site at www.PearlHarborII.com"

2001 Pixie Awards

The "Best Musical Score for an i-Feature Film" award went to Louis Febre for The Revenge of the Red Balloon.

in Canada and Australia

According to The Superman Homepage, the Nine Network (Australia) will air Smallville in early 2002. Also, Canadian fans may have to wait until 2002:

"Global TV in Canada have announced that they plan to hold the show until the new year. Although several local channels are reported to start broadcasting the show on October 16th, the same as The WB network in America. Fans in Alberta and Mantioba are in luck as the A-Channel is possibly airing the show even earlier than the premiere in the U.S.! Furthermore, most cable markets in Canada now include WB anyway so it might not be an issue many Canadians will have to worry about."

August 24, 2001

Television Night at the Bowl

From Mark Snow: "This Sunday, on my birthday, the orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl is playing music from well known TV shows, so [they're] playing the 4-minute version of the X-Files theme... This was arranged for orchestra by a very talented orchestrator, Jonathan Sacks, who also did the orchestrations for The X-Files Movie, Crazy in Alabama, etc. So, that should be fun!"

Mary Tyler Moore is the host while other celebrities such as Kelsey Grammer, Jason Alexander and Jane Krakowski are scheduled to appear. John Mauceri will be conducting the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Mike Post will also make an appearance as a special guest conductor.

In addition to Snow's X-Files theme, the program includes music from The West Wing, Star Trek, Victory at Sea and Lonesome Dove. Proceeds benefit The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. Mark Snow is a member of the Television Night at the Bowl Host Committee. Full details available at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences web site – http://www.emmys.org/foundation/bowlinvite.htm

July 12, 2001

Emmy and Pixie Awards

The bad news first: Mark Snow didn't receive an Emmy nomination this year. This is quite disappointing considering the high quality of his season 8 X-Files scores. The nominees in the "Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)" category are Alf Clausen (Simpsons), Dennis McCarthy (Star Trek: Voyager), Jay Chattaway (Star Trek: Voyager), W.G. Snuffy Walden (The West Wing) and Joseph LoDuca (Xena: Warrior Princess). Mark Snow was also ignored in the "Outstanding Main Title Theme Music" category. The X-Files received only two nominations this year: cinematography (This Is Not Happening) and makeup (DeadAlive). Snow's sister-in-law, Tyne Daly, received an "Outstanding Supporting Actress" nomination for Judging Amy.

Moving away from the Emmys: Mark Snow received a Pixie Award nomination in the "Best Musical Score for an i-Feature Film" category for his Dancing Cow score. The short film was also nominated for Best Actor, Best Editing and Best Cinematography. Other nominees in the Best Score category are Louis Febre (The Revenge of the Red Balloon), Christina Shinkle (CheckMating), Ryan Shore (A Letter from the Western Front), Daniel Silverman (Absence), Kim Olson (Take My Antlers, Please!), and MC Young, Modern English, Eric Lundburg (Falsettos: The Itch). The 2nd Annual Directors Board Awards for Excellence in Online Motion Pixure Production (The Pixie Awards) will be presented in September.

Sources: Academy of Television Arts and Sciences [www.emmys.org], The Dancing Cow [www.thedancingcow.com] & Pixie Awards [www.pixieawards.org]

July 2, 2001

Looking for Music from Season 8 (X-Files)

From the Official X-Files Site:

Been looking for the Mark Snow music from Season 8's mythology episodes? The one that plays when Scully's doing a lot of thinking? Although it's not released on CD, the song that features the voice of Nicci Sill can be downloaded off the internet at www.x-filesmusic.com. This website also has music from past seasons, the feature film and The Lone Gunmen, as well as parodies on certain themes in the show.

Trying to find the names of the non-Mark Snow songs in "Closure" and "all things"? Don't forget that you can find them in our very own episode guide on the Official Site. Just click on "Research Information."

Philes for Scully's Theme

X-FilesMusic.com is asking all fans to sign an online petition to help get another X-Files CD officially released with Mark Snow's haunting "Scully's Theme" on it. Visit the Philes for "Scully's Theme" page for more information or go straight to the petition page to add your name to the list. Go ahead and spread the word about this petition to other X-Philes, Mark Snow fans, X-Files sites, discussion lists, newsgroups and message boards.

I cannot say if FOX will listen to the fans – remember they gave Mark Snow the permission to release a Millennium CD last year but then changed their decision? Also, Mark Snow's manager told this site earlier in January that FOX would not allow Snow to release any Millennium or X-Files CDs. Let's hope FOX will understand there are people out there who have really enjoyed "Scully's Theme" this past season as well as Mark Snow's other terrific X-Files scores since season 3.

Sources: The Official X-Files Site [www.thexfiles.com] & X-FilesMusic.com [www.x-filesmusic.com]

June 25, 2001

From the Official X-Files Site:

The cover of June's SciFi magazine has a story on the show that includes interviews with Frank Spotnitz, Robert Patrick and Mark Snow, plus a sidebar on visit to the set.

Source: The Official X-Files Site [www.thexfiles.com]
SciFi Mag

May 18, 2001

The End of Another Season

The X-Files will be back for a ninth season. Gillian Anderson is contracted to appear in each episode but according to Sandy Grushow, president of Fox Television Entertainment Group, David Duchovny will be leaving the show after season eight which ends on May 20th. Chris Carter will also return to the show "but his exact role has not been decided".

The Lone Gunmen has been cancelled. The replacement? A "soap opera" titled Pasadena.

UPN's Special Unit 2 will return but it will be placed in a new timeslot (Wednesdays at 9pm instead of 8pm). Mark Snow wrote the theme for this show.

The new CBS drama Wolf Lake will air Wednesdays at 10pm. It is "a spooky drama about wolves that roam a Seattle suburb in human form". Mark recently scored the pilot episode. CBS TV president and CEO Leslie Moonves "is hoping the show will develop an X-Files-like cult following".

CD News

Brian A. Dixon, creator of the only regularly updated Millennium website, The Millennial Abyss, posted this news on his website:

"Earlier this year the Abyss reported that, despite a highly successful fan campaign, FOX had disallowed Ten-Thirteen composer Mark Snow to release a Millennium CD in favor of launching its own soundtrack music centered website. I recently continued this conversation with our favorite television musician only to find that absolutely no progress is being made. "As far as the CD's for the music of the other shows, FOX is being real silent about any music websites and/or releasing any CD's of the other Ten-Thirteen shows." Mark explained, "Now when me or my manager [Robert Urband] call, they get very short and sort of pissed, so we are thinking of other ways around this. But if anything breaks on this front, you'll be the first to know." Our thanks to Mr. Snow for his continuing efforts. The Millennium fan community is still thirsty for an official soundtrack CD..."

Thanks Brian for the info! :)

Sources: Yahoo News [www.yahoo.com] & The Millennial Abyss [members.aol.com/Rings13/Abyss.html]

May 7, 2001

Cosmonova Project

Last year, the Soundtrack Magazine website reported that Mark Snow would be doing a special project for Sweden's Cosmonova (a state of the art planetarium). I can now tell you that this project is a film titled UFO: Sanningen är här. Unfortunately, Swedish is not my strongest language, so I cannot give you a translation of the info provided at the planetarium's site:

"En ny planetarieföreställning som kommer att förändra perspektiven på din verklighet. Den ger en realistisk syn på vad UFO är, och inte är, och svarar på frågor som t ex - vem ser UFOn och finns det liv någon annanstans i universum? Musik specialskriven av Mark Snow (Arkiv X). Animationer och effekter, 30 gånger större än på en vanlig bioduk."

There is a 10.1Mb trailer at the site (in .mov format). URL: http://www.nrm.se/cosmonova/

[ Note: A few days after posting this news, Mr. Tom Callen, producer of Cosmonova's Sanningen är här, sent me some excellent information including a translation of the Swedish text above. Thanks Tom! :) ]

"A new planetarium show that will change your perspective of reality. It gives a realistic view of what UFOs are, or are not, and answers such questions as who sees UFOs and is there life elsewhere in the universe? The music was specially written by Mark Snow (X-Files). Animations and effects 30 times larger than on a regular movie screen."

Source: Cosmonova [www.nrm.se/cosmonova/]

April 28, 2001

ASCAP Awards

Mark Snow received a "Most Performed Underscore" award at ASCAP's "16th Annual Film and Television Awards" gala held at the Beverly Hilton on April 24th. Other winners in this category include Jack Allocco, Joseph LoDuca and Daniel Sawyer.

Source: Yahoo News [www.yahoo.com]

February 1, 2001

The Dancing Cow News

From the film's official site:

"The Dancing Cow is now online! The Cow can now be seen at our new online home, MediaTrip.com! This is great news for the movie (since MediaTrip is known for their high standards), and great for us (since MediaTrip is mostly owned by Joe Roth, King of Revolution Studios). So, if you haven't seen our film yet, go to MediaTrip.com!"

There is also a "behind-the-scenes" special featuring interviews with the cast and crew (including Mark Snow who talks about his score for the film).

Source: The Dancing Cow [www.thedancingcow.com]

January 22, 2001

Millennium & X-Files CD News

Last year, this site began an important campaign to persuade Fox to allow Mark Snow release his own Millennium soundtrack CD. Fans from all over the world feverishly supported this campaign and, on July 22nd, Robert Urband (Mark's manager) announced that Fox finally agreed to allow Mark to release a Millennium soundtrack CD. After the success of this campaign, there were already plans to begin a new campaign – this time for an X-Files Score CD.

In December 2000, Brian Dixon posted a message on his site about the future of the Millennium CD (see Jan 11th, below). Robert Urband wrote to me and said:

"Unfortunately, Fox retracted its permission to let Mark release the CD on his own. Fox anticipates starting its own internet site where it will sell CDs from its various soundtracks. They are immoveable about this."

What about The X-Files? If the fans started a campaign, would Fox still refuse to give Mark the permission? The answer from Mark's manager: "It would also apply to X-Files."

But, wait! He continued with this:

"The good news is I just spent some time with Fox's head of publishing and the Fox website has been launched. I will know soon when they plan to offer it for sale."

So, in brief, Fox will be releasing their own Millennium and X-Files CDs in the near future. But, they won't allow Mark Snow to do it on his own. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

I want to thank all the fans who sent in their suggestions and comments for the Millennium CD since July last year. Unfortunately, we can only wait, worry and hope that Fox includes your favourite cues because they don't want to hear what we want.

January 11, 2001

Millennium CD News

Brian Dixon, creator of The Millennial Abyss, posted this news on his Website late last year:

"I recently talked with Mark Snow, that brilliant man behind the music of The X-Files and Millennium, regarding the CD release Millennium fans have been dreaming of for years. Says Mark about the project, "On the Millennium front, Fox is going to be putting together a internet music site where you can order or download music from there catalogue, and Millennium will be part of it. I don't know when its going to happen but they won't let me release Millennium music on my own. I hope it pans out, but who knows for sure? I'll keep you posted on Millennium news."

Sources: The Millennial Abyss [members.aol.com/Rings13/Abyss.html]

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