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Full CD Title
The Snow Files: The Film Music of Mark Snow

CD Label
Sonic Images Records

CD Number



Number of Tracks

Sound Quality

Good soundtrack stores should carry this title.


Performed By
Mark Snow, John Beal, The Utah Studio Symphony Orchestra, Richard Allen, Darlene Koldenhoven, Cassandra Crossland and others.

Other Info
John Beal produced, arranged and performed "The X-Files Suite" and the "La Femme Nikita Theme". The CD contains some previously unreleased music.
The Snow Files

The Snow Files


01. La Femme Nikita: Main Theme (Club Mix)* (4:30)
*(Produced and arranged by John Beal)

---Darkness and Desire---
02. Conundrum: Love Theme (3:17)
03. Seduced and Betrayed: The Dark Waltz (2:30)
04. A Woman Scorned – The Betty Broderick Story: The Murder (4:03)
05. Caroline At Midnight: Main Title (3:18)

---Love and Hope---
06. The Substitute Wife: Main Title (2:48)
07. Oldest Living Confederate Widow: Having A Baby / All About Ned (3:13)

08. Smoke Jumpers: The Rescue (4:46)
09. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Artic Night Walk (3:16)

---The Music is Out There---
10. Disturbing Behavior: Main Title (3:25)
11. Suite from The X-Files** (31:28)
**(Produced, arranged and performed by John Beal)

---Bonus Tracks---
12. Dark Justice: Main Theme (1:54)
13. Max Headroom: The Lost Theme (1:00)
14. Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Bye, Bye! (0:33)

Liner Notes:

Randall D. Larson provides detailed information about the composer's life, career and the music featured on the CD. Mark Snow himself talks about each track, while the track notes for La Femme Nikita and The X-Files Suite also includes commentary by John Beal.

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