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Who Extra (Australia): Unseen Forces

Note: This article's full title is "Unseen Forces - Six Who Conspire to Make The X-Files". The five other people are Bob Goodwin, Rick Millikan, David Gauthier, Graeme Murray and Jon Joffin.


"The hardest episode to score was 'Duane Barry'. It needed like 42 minutes of music out of 44. It was almost a joke. Everyone kept saying, stop the music! Enough already!" says Snow.

Credits: Hart to Hart, Nowhere Man, Millennium.

Job description: The classically trained composer scores up to 40 minutes for each episode. "For the first 10 shows I was inhibited in trying to find a voice for the music," recalls Snow. "Chris isn't a big fan of melody. He likes atmosphere. But as the series has grown, I've included more [melody]." Snow also penned "Materia Primoria", the show's hypnotic anti-theme. "Traditionally, TV themes tell a story. There's a splashy intro leading up to a strong melodic motif, then a big bang wrap-up. This one stays in D minor."

Millennium vs The X-Files: How do the themes differ? "Millennium's is an octave lower. I mean, it is really dark."

Source: Mike Flaherty; Who Extra with Entertainment Weekly (Australia) 1998.

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