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The Sounds of The X-Files: Mark Snow

It's an X-Files night and an eerie, almost sinister melody delightfully passes our ears. The sounds tweak our conscience and alert our primordial fear of the unknown. We are wary as anticipation rises and we are greeted with the musical announcement of another wonderful mystery with our two favorite FBI agents.

The X-Files theme sets the tone of the X-Files long before we see that nights beginning scene. Even viewers with absolutely no interest in music, who pay little attention to the X-Files theme, are unknowingly affected.

The eerie, rhythmic pattern of the chart-topping X-Files Theme is the work of seven-time Emmy nominee composer, Mark Snow.

Snow, who's passion for music began when he was little, grew up in Brooklyn and trained at Julliard under notable composers such as Earl Hagen (best known for the theme to The Andy Griffith Show) and jazz arranger Hall Overton.

One of the most recognized musical themes on television, the X-Files theme is featured on the Warner Brothers album, Songs In The Key of X. Inspired by the music of the X-Files, a myriad of musical stars Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, R.E.M have contributed to produce this "spooky" album.

Now for a new twist as The Truth And The Light, Warner Bros. second release of X-sounds, spotlights Mark Snow's creative composition and musical motifs with cleverly integrated dialogue excerpts of Gillian Anderson (Scully), David Duchovny (Mulder) and Mitch Pileggi (Skinner). Snow's musical genius is evident as we enjoy the musical world of the X-Files.

Visit Music Inspired By The X-Files by Warner Bros. and find wave samples of other X-Files music, such as the frequently sought after "Unmarked Helicopters" by Soul Coughing and "Unexplained" by the Meat Puppets as well as PM Dawn's "X-Files Theme - Remix".

Special note: Five days before the X-Files Fifth season premiere! Set your VCR's!

Source: C. Wayman Hearn; Suite101.com [www.suite101.com/article.cfm/x_files/3901], October 28, 1997.

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