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Writing Tips

When choosing questions, think of things that people are interested in knowing. 
Keep your answers short and 
to the point.
An article explains only the important points of 
the topic.
A book review discusses the 
main points of a book and finishes with an opinion about the book from the writer 
of the review.

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 The One in the Middle is The 
Green Kangaroo

 Freckle Juice

 The Pain and The Great One

 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing




 Otherwise Known as Sheila The 

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introduction/ task/ process/ resources/ evaluation

You are the reporter for the school newspaper.  The principal has just told the school that the famous author Judy Blume will be coming to the school to speak to the students. You must write an article for the paper about her and her visit.


Your first job is to create a list of questions to ask her when she arrives at the school.  Then you will use the Internet to locate the answers to the questions you created.  Lastly you will choose an activity from the list to complete the project. 



Step 1
Create a list of 10 questions that you would like to ask Judy Blume.  Some examples are; 
Questions about her books.
Questions about why she writes.
Questions about her personal life.
Questions about how many and when her books were written.
Step 2
Using the resources given, find the answers to your questions and write them down. After using a resource click the back button to return to this page and choose another resource.
Step 3
Using the answers to the questions, write your article about the author in paragraph form. You should have at least two paragraphs.
Step 4
Finally, choose one  other activity to complete from the list below.

1. Write a letter of thanks to Judy Blume for the interview.
2. Write an invitation to the author to really come to your school. 
3. Read one of Judy Blume's books and create a book review for the school paper.
4. Read one of Judy Blume's books and create a different ending to the story.


Use these resources to locate the information for the project.

  Judy Blume's Official Web site   Judy Blume@
 Scholastic Author Study  Kids Reads Fudge Series


You will be evaluated in three areas.  These areas will be the questions you created, the article you have written, and the final activity you chose. Click on the evaluation sheet to see the grading scale.


Now that you have learned about Judy Blume, find another famous person you would like to know about and create an article about them. You can also read more of Judy Blume's books. Who knows maybe you can read them all!

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