A VIEW: A Village for Independent, Enterprising Women    
  Goal of A VIEW  

What is A VIEW?

A VIEW stands for A Village for Independent, Enterprising Women. A VIEW is aimed to become a 30-bed comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program for women (ages 12 onwards) with major psychiatric illness who have been admitted and treated for their acute episode but need ongoing treatment and rehabilitation upon discharge. The program will strive towards the development of the highest level of functioning for each of its residents, providing them with tools necessary for successful reintegration into their community.

An environment close to nature and a warm therapeutic community complements the efforts of a mental health team comprising of Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Nurses and occupational therapists.

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Mental Health Glossary

Mission Statement

View intends to provide a safe society to women with episodic psychiatric illness, who have no social support, giving them a chance to rebuild their lives (without fear of rejection when illness strikes again) to become independent and reintegrated into the mainstream.

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