A VIEW has a vision of a two-step approach.

First step is to start with the sub acute center where the patient arrives from the acute facility (psych hospital, prison hospital or directly from the pt's home, nursing home) The goal is stabilization on medications, assessment of needs and capabilities and projected time of stay at this place could be 6 months to 2 yrs –sometimes longer.

Getting to use your facility to start our project has many advantages on both ends as follows:

  • Young boys who are orphans/destitute lack maternal role models/attachments, which the women can provide. A possible 1:1 or 1:2 pairing will help the women a start having a sense of responsibility and self worth that has been lacking in them for a long time.

  • A model of adopts a son/Adopt a parent can help both focus on bettering themselves-goals to achieve and a need to succeed is nurtured.
Second step is to gear towards providing long term supervised care for persons who are unable to be self sufficient and completely independent. The aim is to set up a village with small independent living quarters and each resident be given designated duties, to enable a semi-independent community living.

Goal of A VIEW:

  1. To have residents in an environment where their illness can be stabilized.

  2. To teach them to become self reliant and self-sufficient.

  3. To provide opportunities that will help enhance self-esteem and confidence of the residents.

With time the organization aims to become self sufficient by generating an income that can meet the basic needs of the community as outlined.

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