Grounds on which application is made for VIEW

Proposad activities -Tools

  • Develop social network to help screen women in acute hospitals, destitute / street dwellers and prison inmates who can be identified as rehabilitable.

  • To provide food, lodging, medical management, for stabilization of such individuals.

  • To provide opportunities to develop independent skills according to the persons ability-encourage them to become enterprising.

  • To provide basic education-helping women become independent.

  • Fund raising – Undertake fundraising activities to sustain the organization.

  • Marketing – to research and develop different avenues enabling goods made / prepared / packaged by the residents to be sold in open markets-help them become financially independent.

  • To enable the residents function independently starts towards reintegrating into the society while being supported by the organization loosely to prevent regression.

  • To undertake philanthropic work in similar projects when surplus funds are generated.

Description of work proposed to be done by the proposed “VIEW”

  • Undertake the construction of a ‘village' – complete with small units ‘hut' housing. Community building, landscaping, boundary wall, water, sewage, electrical connections, pharmacy, grocery, medical clinic & ‘kitchen' restaurant, recreation center, school and vocational training centers.

  • To screen for residents-accept women with episodic psychiatric illness who are abandoned by family and detained in psych hospital and prison/jail systems or living in the streets.

  • To provide basic necessities of food clothing shelter. Also medical/psychiatric attention to stabilize the person. To try to find a social network, family who may be supportive.

  • To start the process of trying to build them into independent women-provide basic education, vocational training teaching household duties/chores to maintain ADLS without promoting.

  • To start the process of building them into enterprising and financially independent women-by providing opportunities to use the skills learnt, to loan money to start projects independently, to provide a market where they can sell produced goods/services.

  • To start the process of individuation-learn to live independently in society with minimal social support from the ‘village' organization.

  • To organize/undertake fundraising activities for the benefit of the ‘village' or other similar projects i.e. social/environmental causes.

  • To accept donations, gifts, grants/aids and endowment from Govt., municipalities, districts and local bodies, business houses public bodies and organizations and persons of both Indian and foreign origin on such terms as the members of the association deem fit.
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