Dear friends, our mission is simple: to save the
world from the blasphemy of light beers. For as
it is written in Proverbs 40:4--We are drunk. So
yea, let us be joyful and write and chant of the
praises of the Holy 40 oz Torpedo. For as it is
written in the Sacred Scripts: Never a man or
woman should suffer again the the low alcohol
content. Yea, though I walk through the valley of
the beer isle, I will not fear Malt Liquor. For thine
is the saving grace. I will embrace it with heart
and soul forever, Amen.
But our monks need money for their inspiration.
So if you would be so kind, please send a buck
or two to our monks so they may separate the
good from the evil Malt Liquors.
Bless you, and may your hangovers be few and
Our monks are working hard in giving back to the
community in the form of lingerie pictures.
          Father Santiago de Torpedo
    Bra & Panty Pics
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