FSJ's rival school:
The Janitors
Q: What does FSJ stand for?
A: Fulton School of Janitoring
Q:What classes to you have?
A: We have a ton of classes for the average janitor/custodian. We specialize in training for the job, and are the only school in the country that was low enough to name it after it. Here are our Janitoring classes along with the professors/hobos that teach them:
Using a Mop-
Mr. Dick Burns
Cleaning a toilet/bathroom- Mrs. Anita Shower
Putting away chairs- Mr. Hugh Jass
Taking out the trash- Ema Hoe
Cleaner knowledge- Mr. Clean
they would probabley go to my school
But we also have other minimum wadge based classes! this include:

-Fastfood services
-digging ditches
-sewage cleaning(new!!!)
-asst. lunch lady/man
-unskilled construction
if u go here youll be doing this(above)
We also have planed classes for dealing with welfare, ect but havent found the right staff yet. We will continue searching mental instutions accrossed the country to find the best teachers for our slightly gifted students. As the main dude, i wanna make it the best colledge, EVER!!!
if u wanna do this, go somewhere else (above)
Are turn out rates are amazing to:
A photo of are olympic toach celebration. The man holding it is Pinky Black, a popular janitor.
Out of High School: less than 1%
1 year removed from High School: 2%
2 Years removed from High School: 5%
Ages 21-29- 7%
Ages 30-39- 29%
Ages 40-49-  46%
50+- 10%
Athletics you ask? Why we have plenty:
Hot dog eating
Athletic Chess
A group of teachers having are tea and talking about students. From left to right, Mr. Cravin Morehead, Mr. Manny Cox and Mr. Jack Meaup. Out of the picture is student Bob Moo.(right)
Well does this look like your future? then call:
1800- janitor for more info or email us at [email protected]
at FSJ, were more than just janitors
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