Welcome to the Gemini Lord's
Home of the Gods
Welcome to the wonderous world of the Gemini Lord.  You are about to embark on a journey of epic proportions.  My incredible land is filled with countless opportunities.  Each and every single "door" that you open will be an open invation for the things inside to claim your soul, for that is the way of the Home of the Gods.  Be warned though, some doors will be filled with quests that are simple and others will be fraught with challenges that will take all of your intelligence to accomplish (not really but I was on a roll here).  When your journey comes to an end, sign in on the "sacred text" and your epic will be recorded for all of posterity to remember.  This will also be a sign that you have made it through the Home of the Gods and your name will go down in glory...(like my fantasy so far?!  Enter and find more).  Be careful and enjoy the ride.
To the Wonderous World of The Creator of These Pages
To the Sensations Which Will Become Future Gods and Dynastic Rulers.
To the Wonderful Stylings of Many Incredible and Creative Minds.
You are the
to try your luck!
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