Lord Gemini's Personal Page
Though my writing style is rather...different for this kind of thing, I was more trying to make it a fun experience and one that you will share with your friends.  I would like to start off by saying Welcome and Thank You for stoping by.  I would like to continue by saying that this is the page that I toot my own horn and see how many of you I can make sick out there.  But seriously, this is my part of my web page.  The part where I talk about myself and the wonders that are me.  I will try to bring you into my world for even a few seconds.  This is just a testing sight for now and as I get better at this kind of thing, you will hopefully see the page blossom into sheer glory.  He he...enjoy.
My Model Pic
Basic Stats
Weight: around 140 pounds
Eye Color: natural black (blue/green contacts)
Hair Color: natural black (changes styles and colors with my moods_
Waist: around 29
Race (Ethnicity): Hispanic-American (Puerto Rican)
My Senior Pic
Gemini Lord's Profile
Real Name:
Jonathan (also known as Fivel)
Age: 21 years old (5-28-1981)
Sign: Gemini (hence the title)
Likes: I like people who are fun to be with and have no problem expressing their opinion in a kind way.  I love a sense of humor and to see people that like to be shown new and exciting experiences.
Dislikes: I do not like people who are close-minded and have a very dry sense of humor.  I also do not like it when people are cold-hearted and insensitive.
Hobbies: I love to read and write.  But I have to say that my favorite thing to do is being with my boifriend.  He is the light of my life and the passion in my soul.
Goals: My goal in this life is to be able to do anything and everything I want without having any problems.  Ambiguous huh?
A different destiny awaits...please return and choose another path.
Choose this way to see the Bright Star of my Universe.
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