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    This page is solely dedicated to the wonderful and inspirationlal musings of myself or of my supremely gifted friends.  I will be changing this page regularly so please try to enjoy what is being put out and remember to sign my Guest Book if you want your marvelous creations on this page. Because each of us is differrent, the words should instill different emotions upon us all.  Enjoy.

In a world of death and decay

It is your children that will lead the way

But to unite our world within one nation

We must teach them to believe without trepadation...

Our heats embrace that tremendous sight

Because within our souls our joy took flight

Friends for Life

I reached a hand out to a friend
This life for me was at an end
He smiled at me and said "I'll help
But you must do the work"
"Please don't cry my dear old pal
You must not fret about that gal
Your true friends are here to stay
We will lead your way"
I turned to him all teary eyed
And found at last the base of lies
My dearest friends were always near
But I still felt alone
I opened up and told him all
My life, my soul, I'd lost control
And all the while I said to him
"I love you my dear friend"
But then I saw a gleam in him
He understood not a blessed thing
And through it all my heart did weep
Oh God, I've lost again
"I'm sorry friend, what did you say?
I had kind of lost my way
My mind was all preoccupied
But I will hear your plea"
"Nothing.  Don't worry.  I'll be fine
Just promise me you'll know in time
The kind of love you meant to me
It will never be the same"
He looked perplexed and all confused
I promise pal if you so choose
And with those words he turned away
And left me by myself
My thoughts now wonder here and there
I hope he's happy anywhere
For me the solitude reigns supreme
"Good bye, my dear old friend"
Our laughs, our smiles, most everything
I miss him much, a dreadful thing
And I remember his worth to me
I loved you all along.


Pillars of Grace

Feelings entombed.  Unbridled passions suppressed and kept quietly at bay.  Nothing can possibly touch the inner core that holds the key to unlocking the very doors of one's own existence.  Two wild beauties waiting to bring down the pillars of virtue that ground themselves in weekly torture.  Will the pain ever be unleashed?  One pillar of confusion, using every scrap possessed energy so that ultimately his destruction won't arise.  A pillar of suppressed passion strives to rise above confusion.  The furies battle at the resistance in their souls.  One breaks and lets the fury within, enabling himself to rise into a smoldering inferno.   The other fury crashes to the soul fo confusion and brings the mighty pillar down in a heap.  The fallen pillar loves but resents the powerful notion.  Love begets passion.  Passion begets envy.  Envy begets destruction.  The fallen rise only to the beat of a new glory.



The cloudless sky where the sun shines clear
Is a reminisce with my love, so incredibly near
A most precious flower, lays in her hair
She closes her eyes and I think how unfair
That this beautiful damsel will have to leave soon
At least she's all mine, before the waking of the moon
But for now I sit and ponder, "What's in her head?"
I hope that it's me, but I'll wonder instead
For to know the dreams of a woman is a dangerous thing
You may only hope that her ponderings don't up and take wing
As the sunlight hits her face I can't but think
I wish I could lavish her with gold, with a smile and a wink
I can picture our wedding complete with some doves
And I can only ask God for her to reflect my true love
And so we both lay here in this sweet warming grass
To dream of the time when we'd be together at last
I sit here beside her and love her I do
But to show her my feelings, it's so awfully new
I will try my best though and somday I might
Begin my true feelings without a slight hint of fright
For now I'm content to just sit by her side
Her closeness just suits me, my love swells like the tides
And I truly do lover her with a heavenly might
As she sits right beside me and glows in the light.


A Trodden Path

For More Heavenly Stylings

A New Doorway Awaits

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