Public Record

This is an account of how Income Support have totally destroyed my life and forced me into prostitution to pay for my medication. The only option left to me now is to end it. Before I do that I am making this public record so that someone might eventually find out just what a misserable underhand pack of pricks these people are. This may take few weeks to finish, I hope I can survive that long but my plan is to document everything. All their letters, results of court cases.everything I have.

I am on an invalid pension having sustained neck and back injuries from a work accident. Also I have brain dammage caused by multiple courses of chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Prior to 1979 I worked long hours and sometimes 7 days per week. I had never claimed anything from any form of benefit. I worked for the government in many departments including Hospital Board, M.O.D, M.O.W and NZ Police.

In 1979 I was suffering from cancer which had spread throught my body. (My father had died from the same thing several years before). I went to Middlemore Hospital where I was made to strip in view of the public, made fun of then told to go away. I went to Sydney where I collapsed in the street, was taken to St Vincents Hospital, operated on and told the cancer was terminal. I endured 6 sessions of what was then experimental chemotherapy and am still alive. So.....this same country which left me for dead is now persecuting me

At the moment I do not have enough to buy food or medication.
Over the past 6 years they have stopped my invalid pension without warning many times, at one time for several months, parked outside my home and follwed me, read my medical records and discussed my medical condition with my GP (since moved), demanded all my bank records from Westpac, harrassed my friends and family, left me with no money to pay for my medication, demanded I travel to offices outside of my area to attend meetings, refused to supply or deliberately sent letters late that have been needed for legal purposes, forced me to attend numerous court cases when I have been sick etc etc. They have used just about every dirty trick in the book to harrass me including demanding rediculous sums of money (in excess of $50,000) without anything to back up these claims.
They have taken me to court and alledged that I was living with someone. The person I was alledged to have lived with also went to court but it was judged that she was not living with me. Despite this, the court found that I was living with her!.
Not only that but they also want child support and maintenance for the same period (20 years ago). Now Inland Revenue also want money from me for the same thing. I have been told by Inland Revenue that I can not apeal or dispute them taking what they like.
They seem to be able to take money for living with this person and take money for not living with her at the same time. They have taken everything and left nothing to live on and nothing to hope for except more harrassment.
They cant stop me taking my own life though and if that is what it takes to get rid of all this then so be it. I am going to make sure the world knows why though.

Associated documents (not sorted yet) I will eventually scan about 50 of them if I have time

The First Issue

My first attempt to understand what they were doing
My answerTypical of their efforts to shift the attention away from themselves they made a great deal out of this letter being un- dated...despite the date stamp
Typical example of their liesThey never sent me a copy of anything. The advocate from the peoples centre was most concerned at their tactics.
Typical example of their lies page2
Finally tell me my benefit has stoppedDid not receive this until 2 weeks after the date on the letter (almost 3 months after stopping my benefit)
My relpy2
Example of their arrogant demandsThey had to re-instate my benefit due to pressure from the ombudsmans office. This was not before I was reduced to shoplifting and theft and prostitution in order to survive.
Deductions offThis is how they kept putting pressure on me. I could never be sure if I had money to pay for rent,medication, food etc
Deductions on
Deductions off
Futile attempt to get information from them
Official request for information from them
Deductions on
Deductions off
Deductions on
Deductions off
Absolute rediculous demand for money. Also a lie about the previous letter.
Court summary page1
Court summary page2
Court summary page3
Court summary page4
Court summary page5
My answer Page 1
My answer Page 2
My answer Page 3
My answer Page 4
Other party's answer Page 1
Other party's answer Page 2

The Second Issue

Where they try to say I was paid while in Australia.
In actual fact my benefit was stopped two weeks prior to my leaving. This was instigated by a member of the police force (Detective Quigley?). Australia continued the benefit while I was there .....they check and would not have done so if I was receiving payment in New Zealand. Income Support have yet to produce any proof of overpayment apart from a few scribbled notes.

The Third Issue

Due to the stress of all this I eventually ended up in prison. The bitch, Ms Brownsett lied to the police and the court and generaly set me up for it. I was given no opportunity to contact anyone, I was in the prison hospital for several months anyway. Any person who has experienced the prison system will know how hard it is to contact anyone, even lawyers. Income support knew where I was, they try to say they did'nt because I was using a different name but I was receiving the benefit under that name originaly. Also it is on several of these documents written by them. Any money paid into my bank account was taken by the bank. There was nothing left by the time I came out of prison - only all this.

A Change of Tactics

Fearing they might not win at this after 5 years of harrassment they now go for maintainence and child support instead
Maintenance demand page1
Maintenance demand page2
Latest Legal Aid
Court application page1
Court application page2
Legal Aid waived the deposit whem they found out I was left with $30/week to live on.
Plea for help to Minister of Social Developement
Answer frpm Minister of Social Developement
Plea for help to Ombudsmans office
Answer from Ombudsmans office
Letter from Inland Revenue in which they claim to be above the courts. Despite this being an answer to a letter from my lawyer they insist on sending it to me just to be annoying. Also the form mentioned was not enclosed (of course)
My response.
Letter from Ministry of Social DevelopementAgain these people insist on sending things to me to be annoying. They have specific instructions to send all correspondence to my lawyer. Even if they cant do that they have my postal address which they refuse to use.
Interesting to note that they have backed down on the relationship claims. Apparently they think there is more money to be had now by claiming I was not living with this person. They can not make up their minds and further more can not be trusted to keep to any decision they make. My response.
Letter from Inland Revenue. After I threatened to publish their letter claiming to not be answerable to the courts they now tell me I can apply to have things changed
2nd page
3rd page
More of their bullshit
They backed down and reduced the amount yet are too arrogant to say why
National Bank statementA copy of an old bank statement showing I was paying the mortgage and the Insurance
Ms Brownsett's response
Downright treachery..I note that she has jumped on the bandwagon and is trying to get a peice of anything going as well. She is also trying to do it on my courtcase at my chance! The next document explains the house ownership
Explaining the reason I put money into 13 Bettina Place
Ms Brownsett getting impatient
Just more of their bullshit
Trying to sort out what the hell they are up too now. I have lost track of it all. Surprised?
Also gives my response to Work & Incomes's allegations

Friday 18th May Unable to cope any more so phoned Awhinatia Centre to talk to my psychologist. Have just been told that I am no longer a patient so cant talk to her. Further more because I do not live in the area anymore I can not even make an appointment!. When I told them I could not cope any more,and was feeling suicidal they threatened to call the police or something. I gave them my phone number and said I desperately need to talk to someone. They promised someone would be in touch from my local area. Phoned the local mental health service, kept pushing redial for 30 minutes, got an answerphone twice and cut off 3 times. Finaly got through to an operator who said I would have to get a referal from a GP. When I explained that I was in crissis she put me through to an answerphone.
So.......what do I have to do to get help in this town? These people just have no idea of the raport and trust built up between counsellor and patient. All they care about is their beauractratic bullshit and boundaries.
No wonder people get shot!
I wonder if that is what it takes but know better. In the 9 months I was in prison no one addressed my own problems. All the Justice Dept are interesed in is public revenge.
The police have been bashing on my door and looking in the windows but I do not want to talk to them with their confrontational, condescending attitudes. If they try to arrest me I will go crazy. All I want is to talk to someone Still have not heard from anyone from Mental Health. Phoned them again and got the answerphone

Saturday19th I am under siege. The police have been bashing on my door again and I am now too scared to go outside.

My benefit has been stopped!. They took so much out of it that I could not pay rent and buy food. Also I could not afford to visit my doctor
Because my benefit has stopped the pricks have cancelled my community services card. This means that I can not get my medication either
Without my antidepressants it will not be long before I kill somebody.

I have decided to take as many out with me as I can.
My plan is to steal a petrol tanker and drive it through the front window of WINZ.
Have left instructions to contact Paul Holmes and Pat Booth and give them the links to this site.
Dobbed in! Cat team has convinced me (for now) to try and sort this out. Ha ha....dont think they even read any of it.

Court case...Taking Inland Revenue (and that bitch) to court over their claims
Hospital again...Could not handle the stress of all this.
Almost succeeded in taking my own life (without any mess this time)but friends turned up and called ambulance. Have explained to mental health people why and what these pricks are doing to me and they have promised me help.
Police turned up as well and were complete asholes...will sue them later!

I did and got a written appology from them

Help...hahaha. If you dont try to kill yourself again within 2 weeks you get taken off their books.
Went to Otahuhu and went off at them!. They have suggested I just leave everything and start over somewhere else.

Have taken their advice....anything for a quiet life.

And so it continues...

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