Here is the first FF9 Trivia. Please E-Mail me the answers and whoever gets them all correct will be posted on this page:

1) In Final fantasy 7 they are called Limit breaks....what are they in Final fantasy 9?

2) What is the Age of Zidane, Garnet and steiner put together?

3) What is the name of person who Freya has spent so much time looking for?

4) Who do you come across in alexandria square who tells you to where the 3 cards are hidden?

5) Where do you fight black waltz 1, 2 and 3?

6) What item do you recieve if Vivi wins the festival of the hunt?

7) What is Beatrices HP when you first fight her?

8) What cures Blanks petrify?

9) Which jester wears red?

10) In pinnacle rocks name all the items that can be found

11) What is amarant called in battle before he joins your party?

12) Where can you get the ramuh card?

13) Which ff theme is in both ff7 and ff9?

14) Where is the dagger the strongest weapon?

15) Unscramble these words to get the name of a place in FF9:: SITM NCINETONT


OK, thats all for now :) If this is popular I will add lots more. Email answers to [email protected]