In this brilliant game, Squaresoft have went back to the styles that the previous 2 Final Fantasy titles have not had and what the Final Fantasys before 7 had. It is set around medievil times with mages, Knights and princesses etc. The party is made up of 4 characters at one time instead of only 3 like Final Fantasy 7 and 8 which makes it more interesting in battles. The characters are less realistic and a bit smaller but definately does not affect the game play, if anything it makes it better.

The story itself is set in the world of Gaia and has four main nations altogether and the greed of some nations (Mainly Alexandria rules by Queen Brahm) cast havoc on the whole world. The leader of Lindbilm (Regent Cid) has had enough of all this trouble and hires a bunch of thieves to kidnap Princess Granet of Alexandria to try and restore peace, whose mother is at the center of these wars, hungry for power and will do anything to get it. Garnet is also tired of this and and leaves at her own free will to try and to something about the trouble, along with her bodyguard (Steiner)she will do anything to restore peace to the world. Princess Garnet, along with Zidane, Steiner, Vivi and the others will try and restore this peace to the world, with several obstacles and challenges in their way.

Altogether it is the best Final Fantasy game so far, with a great storyline,graphics,gameplay and characters and I would advise anybody of any age to get this game.

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