Name: Zidane Triball
Age : 16
Weapon: Daggers
Job: Member of thiefs Guild
Zidane is the main character in the game.He is always optomistic and keeps te partys morale high.He thinks of himself as a player. He uses the steal command which helps get some great items in the game.

Name: Vivi Ornitier
Age: 9
Job: Black Mage
Weapon: Mage Staff
Probably the second most important character in the game. Like Zidane, he has forgotten his past. He has strong magical powers and is feared by most. He joins the party at the start, wanting to find out more about himself.

Name: Garnet
Age: 16
Job: Princess
Weapon: Rod
Daughter of Queen Brahm. Throughout the story she tries to blend in with normal people but just seems to stand out. She was volauntarily kidnapped and she has the powwer to summon eidolons (GF's) and she has great healing powers.

Name: Adelbert Steiner
Age: 33
Job: Knight
Weapon: Sword
He is a knight of Garnets who gets drawn into the game when Garnet is kidnapped. He wont believe that Zidane is innocent in garnets kidnapping and the tension mounts between them as the game proceeds and wont believe that the queen is doing what she is. He has strong physical strength.

Name: Eiko Carol
Age: 6
Job: Summoner
Weapon: Rod
She is the last member of the tribe of summoners and like Granet, she summons and she can heal. She is in fear of being alone and before meeting the party she lived withloads of moogles.When she meets the party she stays with them.

Name: Freija Crescent
Age: 33
Job: Dragoon
Weapon: Scimitar
Long-time friend of Zidane and one of the last surviving Dragoon Knights. She joins the party in search of her lost love. She has good fighting skills and uses the ability jump.

Name: Quina Quen
Age: ??
Job: Chef
Weapon: Fork
Must be the wierdest character in the ganme. Joins the party in search of different foods and eats enemies, learning abilities. From Qu's marsh wanting to become a marster chef!.

Name: Salamander Coral
Age: ??
Job: Ninja
Weapon: Fists
Hired by queen Brahm but ends up joining the team. He has trouble forgiving Zidane from a trick that was played on him years ago. He uses the throw ability which proves to be effective.
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