"I'm Sorry..."
                                   By: Leda Winebarger

Have you ever had someone hurt you deeply and then, if they apologize at all they say "If I have hurt you-I'm sorry"? That little word "if" takes away from the apology doesn't it? It makes us feel that the person apologizing is not sure if they hurt you, not sure the apology is necessary.

Why is so hard for us to admit that we have injured another person? Why do we fight against the Holy Ghost when He deals with us to go to a brother or sister and say, "I'm sorry"? Why do we fight so hard against the unction to do good?

How many relationships would change for the better if we could say, "I'm sorry?" How many churches would stay together? How many marriages? How many friendships?

More importantly, how much closer to God might we be if we could get a repentant heart before an almighty God and say," I'm sorry?" I'm sorry Lord that I failed you today, I'm sorry Lord that I didn't do that thing you told me to do.  I'm sorry Lord that when I knew to do right, I did wrong anyway. I'm sorry Lord that when you spoke to my heart I chose not to listen, I'm sorry Lord that I haven't been all you created me to be. Sometimes we must swallow our pride, go to the one we have offended, look them in the eye and say simply and without excuse," I messed up, I'm sorry".

And we MUST be willing to humble ourselves, and,resting the knowledge of the love of God, GO TO HIM and say simply," Lord forgive me-I realize how much I need you, I can't do it without you, NOW I'm willing to obey.....work again in my life.....I'm sorry..."

Psalms 38:18..."I will be sorry for my sin."

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