About Me

   I wanted to do this web site so that Jesus could
be honored and praised, and that others might
come to know Him as I do.

      However, I guess you will want to know something
about me to begin with, so here goes:

     I am married, with two children. I live in the country with my
family and two dogs. I  have a full time job. I love to read
and am learning sign language. I love gospel music!

     These are the average things most prople want to
know about people. However, there  is MUCH more!
You see- I LOVE JESUS with all my heart! I have been saved for
fiftteen years and can testify that Jesus returns that love even
when I am unloveable,  even when I ignore Him, even
when I am not all He created me to be. Unconditionally,
His love reaches out to me wherever I am, in whatever
situation I am in.  Why? Because
( I have learned) His love is not based
on ME but on HIM!

     I am not a liscensed 'minister' at this point, I just
want to share that love I just talked  about with whomever will
listen...Don't you think EVERYBODY needs
to know they are loved?
I feel that if I cause one person to realize the depth of love Jesus
has for them, then this web site will have done enough.

     I must at this point thank my good friend Shirley
for all her work in doing this site for me. I  appreciate the struggles
and the hours she put into it. But I must say that I appreciate
even MORE the faith she has placed in me to do this.
Thank you, Shirley!
     God bless you all and please pray for me as I begin
this " new thing " for Jesus.


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