Model trains


My train stopped blowing smoke.

Most model trains use household oil (3-in-1 oil) that can be found in any grocery store. Some models (albiet very few) use “smoke fluid” instead, that can be found at any collectors shop. Always check if you triggered the off switch on the train for smoke (happens more often then not.) Lastly, if your batteries are getting low, the train will stop blowing smoke but still might run.

Can smoke fluid go bad?

Nope. It's just mineral oil, so, other than some possible evaporation, it can't go bad.

If a train is flooded with smoke oil what can you do to clean it out?

Put a transfer pipette down the stack and draw off as much fluid as you can, and then add the correct amount of fluid depending on the unit(4-6 for a piston-type, 10-15 for a fan driven). If you don't have access to any transfer pipettes, turn it upside down on a paper towel doubled up a couple of times, and let it sit that way overnight.

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