Model trains

Frequently Asked Questions

Will installing a larger motor in a locomotive allow it to pull more cars?

No, but a larger motor (assuming there is room for one within the shell) is much less likely to burn out because it can withstand more heat. Larger motors are also smoother running.

What does the automatic brake do and what are the positions?

The "Automatic" brake is the air brake that applies the brakes on the train, as opposed to the "Independent" brake that applies the brakes only on the locomotive (or group of locomotives). The brake is called "Automatic" because if the train breaks, or the pressure in the brake line is released, the brakes apply automatically. This is the opposite of the way the very early systems (or "Direct") air brakes worked. The change was made for safety purposes so that if a train broke a coupling, it would stop with brakes applied on both sections.

Can I power my model train and crossing gates from the same power source?

Your crossing gates should be powered from a source different from your throttle.

How can I determine my trains model number?

With Lionel engines (and most major engine companies), the item number is normally the cab number that is on the engine.

I have a Marx train which has no model number and I need parts, what do I do?

If you have a lower-priced train, such as a Marx, they will probably not have a model on the bottom. If you are looking for parts, your normal collectors store will not have any, you will need to look for a dedicated train parts store.

A few reputable stores to carry parts for Marx are;

Toy Train Parts
Mount Washington, KY

Restoration Train Parts (Post war Marx)
Gloversville, NY

Robert Grossman Co.
Richmond Heights, OH

You can also look online at . Note, we have no affiliation with any of these companies, always be careful when purchasing online.

How can I determine the worth of my old train set?

Feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] with some pictures and I will be more then happy to give you my best guess. Many times collector shops will under-rate your trains worth to then try and purchase it from you.

What is the smallest train track I can build?

The best way to answer the question would be to have you visit this web site, which deals with Micro Layouts ;

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