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What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits. - Albert Einstein.

MCS results out, 12 selected

Aizawl Jan. 16: The Mizoram Public Service Commission has announced the Mizoram Civil Service examination results yesterday. Out of the 40 candidates shortlisted for interviews held in last August, 20 have been recommended for appointment.

The successful candidates in order of merit are:-

(1) Laltanpuia Hnamte, s/o Rohmingliana Hnamte, Bethlehem Vengthlang.
(2) John Tanpuia s/o K.C. Khantuala Chanmari, Aizawl.
(3) Zosangzuali Pachuau d/o P. Lalthlengliana Chaltlang
(4) T. Vanlalmalsawmsanga s/o T. Sailuaia Lawngtlai-IV
(5) Ethel Rothangpuii d/o H. Laimuana Mission Veng
(6) Liansangzuala Chhakchhuak s/o C. Liansanga Mission Veng
(7) Lalsangpuii Hmar d/o Dothangvunga Saitual
(8) H. Lalchhandami d/o H. Lalramhluna (L) Chaltlang
(9) Chuauhnuna s/o Lalzarliana (L)
(10) Jacob Lalawmpuia s/o Lalrotluanga Bawngkawn
(11) K. Vanlalthlana s/o Ralkapliana Darlawn
(12) Donny Lalruatsanga s/o H. Ngunchunga Saiha

Meanwhile, the Mizoram Police Service written test result have also been announced today. Candidates have been shorlisted for personal interview to be held.

Governor disburses HelpAge aids

Aizawl Jan. 16: Governor A.R. Kohli today disbursed aid to selected 30 old-age pensioners. Under the HelpAge India's Adopt-A-Gan programme these pensioners will continue to receive Rs. 500 per month for another three years starting from next month.

The programme and 26th Join Hand Campaign was inaugurated by the Governor today at a special function held at the Raj Bhawan today. Speaking at the inaugural function Governor A.R. Kohli said our elders are those who have experienced and braved every hardship in life so they are good teachers for us.

Speaking about social life in Mizoram, Kohli said the Churches and various philantrophic organisation are playing important roles in social interrelationship which is exemplary for the country as a whole.

In the function today, chaired by Principal Executive Officer (E) Sharmila Majumder, Assistant Director General Joygopal Podder gave a brief report on HelpAge India.

All the 30 old-age pensioners selected under the first phase of this programme were incidentally residents of Aizawl.

Rs. 10 Crores a year on Oil & Gas

Aizawl Jan. 16: Emphasizing with deep concern on the need to save oil and gas, supply minister K. Sangthuama disclosed that the state's expenditure on these petroleum products during last year amounted to Rs. 10.10 Crores.

The minister said this when inaugurating 'the oil & gas conservation fortnight' here on Thursday. He said our expenditures on petrol, diesel, gas and Kerosene can be calculated as Rs. 700 per family per month. "We can debut this figure by saving" he stressed.

Whereas the country's total petroleum production is only 30% f its consumption, the centre is abolishing subsidy system on those items, which raise prices. Subsidies on petrol & diesel have already been terminated and subsidy on cooking gas and kerosene is likely to be removed soon. So conservation is an almost necessity and a major step towards development.

Among others, cutting down on use at vehicles and going on foot, not purchasing vehicles unless absolutely necessary and not just making it a status symbol.

Mizo CS and, DGP attend national level meet

Aizawl Jan. 16: Chief Secretary H.V. Lalringa and Director General of Police M. Tumsanga attended the national level conference of chief secretaries and DGPs inaugurated by Deputy PM L.K. Advani today at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi.

National Security was the main subject of today's meeting. Internal Security and threats from terrorists were discussed. Advani thanked the states for their Co-operation in defending our security.

P.M. Vajpayee is also to attend the meeting at its conclusion tomorrow, government sources said.

Guv'nor Kohli honours Subroto winners

Aizawl Jan 14: Mizoram Governor A. R. Kohli today honoured the Mizoram under-14 and under-17 teams respectively who won the Subroto Mukherjee Football Cup in New Delhi in December last by inviting them to a tea party at the Raj Bhavan lawns.

Oxford Higher Secondary School represented the under-17 team while Holy Heart School represented the under-14 team at the Subroto Cup event.

Governor Kohli congratulated both teams and expressed genuine wish to be helpful to them so that Mizo youth could excel in sports. He also presented them with gifts on the occasion.

Sports Minister Z. H. Ropuia, Director Sports and youth Services Zoliana Royte, R Buanthanga, Team Manager, K. Lalthawmmawia, Coach, among others were also present on the occasion.

MZP focus on teacherless schools issue

Aizawl Jan 14: The Mizo Zirlai Pawl will take up the issue of a large number of teacherless schools, among the main drawbacks of the Mizoram school education system.

The MZP also resolved to pursue its probe into alleged anomalies in the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff and stark favoritism during filling up of vacant posts in the Mizoram University since its inception in 2000.

v Meanwhile the School Teachers Association joint committee has reacted strongly to the government decision to provide land for the MZP office on the Education Department campus. It may be recalled that the Council of Ministers had recently agreed to provide the MZP a part of Education Department's land to build its office building.

The MZP office-bearers however, pointed out that in spite of the student body being over 50 years old in the service of the students it was the only student body in the entire northeastern region not to have acquired its own plot of land till date.

"We deserve to have a piece of land," a MZP leader justified the ministerial council's largesse to the student body.

Among its political resolutions, the MZP resolved that the talks between the state government and the underground BNLF should not be held unless the insurgents lay down arms, stop kidnapping and terrorism.

CM to woo investors at business summit

Aizawl Jan 14: Chief Minister Zoramthanga will soon leave for New Delhi to woo investors, according to a government press note issued here today.

Zoramthanga will attend the NE Business Summit on January 20 and 21 to be held in New Delhi along with several other heads of Northeastern region's states. Earlier, during his first term as Chief Minister, he had attended a similar business summit at Mumbai.

Zoramthanga had then harped on the theme of Mizoram being a "peaceful state" that did not enthuse investors. Top industrialists had side-stepped Mizoram, seeking opportunities to set up industries in neighbouring Tripura and Manipur apart from Assam and Meghalaya.

MPC (P) MLA joins MNF, tally rises to 22

Aizawl Jan 14: The ruling Mizo National Front today secured its position further in the State Assembly by including F. Lalathanzuala in its legislature party. The MNF now has 22 legislators in the treasury benches including the support of the lone independent MLA P. P. Thawla (MDF).

F.Lalthanzuala recently split the three-member MPC Legislature Party to form the MPC (Progressive), an intermediate progression to his final destination in the MNF.

F. Lalthanzuala claimed that his constituents in Hnathial constituency had compelled him to join the ruling party to enjoy the fruits of development, which they were denied while he was in the opposition during his last term in the State Assembly.

Congress loses stalwarts

Aizawl Jan 14: Lalhuthanga and R. L. Valla, two former Congress Ministers, today quit the national party. According to party sources, the two political stalwarts took the extreme step to avoid explusion from the party by its disciplinary committee which probed charges that they had undermined the poll campaigns in their respective constituencies during the last elections.

Both were denied tickets to contest the recently concluded elections to the Mizoram State Legislative Assembly. R. L. Valla was elected from Kawnpui constituency in the 1993 polls while Lalhuthanga was elected from Mamit.

Lalhuthanga was reputed to be the third musketeer of the famous trio led by Saikapthianga and Liansuama respectively. The three belonged to adjoining constituencies namely Kawrthah (Saikapthianga), Phuldungsei (Liansuama) and Mamit (Lalhuthanga).

In loving memory of a bulbul

Aizawl Jan 13: An extra-ordinary event was held at the Nungchate Paradis (Wildlife's Paradise) on Monday. An erection ceremony of a memorial stone of a certain bulbul took place at this mini-sanctuary near Zemabawk owned by a retired MCS officer K. Hawla Sailo. Nine varieties of birds were also released on this occasion.

The artificial wildlife habitat covering 4 acres of land was created by K. Hawla in 1996 out of a tree-less land. Now, it has more than 106 varieties of fruits and flowers bearing trees which attract hundreds of flocks of birds throughout the year. "At least 40 species of animals, most of which are birds, continuously feed here" K. Hawla said.

As for a motive behind making a monument for the bulbul whose bullet-wounded dead body was found inside the sanctuary last year, K. Hawla, said, "It is to teach a lesson to those poachers, that we care for the life of even a tiny creature".

The ceremony on Monday was attended by some wildlife lovers.

Aizawl Auxiliary tops BSI list

Aizawl Jan 13: The Aizawl Auxiliary of the Bible Society of India is continuing to top the list of BSI Auxiliaries in terms of collections during the outgoing 2003. The total collections amounted to Rs. 57,53,802 exceeding the BSI target of Rs. 50,00,000 by Rs. 7,53,802 BSI Aizawl officials said.

"Our contribution during 2003 is 17.09 per cent of the total collections of the BSI - which consists of 15 auxiliaries - which amounted to Rs. 3,36,67,300" said Rev. C. Ronghinga secretary of the Aizawl Auxiliary.

The Aizawl Auxiliary is followed by Kerala whose contribution during last year amounted to Rs. 45,62,824.

There are 35 branches under the Aizawl Auxiliary. Different Christian denominations - Presbyterian, Seventh Day Adventist, Salvation Army, Baptist and others participate in the BSI. And the Aizawl Auxiliary is the most active of the total 15 auxiliaries.

The BSI Aizawl has thanked all enthusiastic contributors.

Kolasib Health Mela kick-started

Aizawl Jan 13: A four-day Health Mela was kick-started by Health & Family Welfare Minister R. Tlanghmingthanga today at Roman Catholic Compound in Kolasib district capital today.

Speaking at the inaugural function, the Minister said it is one's duty to look after his own health. God has created us in a perfect way, we should care for our health in our food habits, he said.

The Health Minister also said CMO has been allotted to each of the 5 districts. Initiatives for upgradation of district hospitals and setting up of regional diagnostic centre in Champhai and Lunglei districts are underway, he added.

At present there are 4048 staff, including doctors, 7 hospitals, 12 30-bedded community health centres, 58 10-bedded primary health centres and 351 Sub-centres under the health department.

The Rs. 125-lakh Air-conditioned clinic mobile Van, newly purchased by the health department is available at the health mela.

The centre with Rs. 15 lakhs funds the health mela. Most of government specialist doctors are rendering services here at free cost and sophisticated equipments.

Health mela has been held in Aizawl and Lunglei districts. Organised under the national population policy, it is to cover all the districts.

Central YMA boycotts Suangpuilawn MLA

Aizawl Jan 12: The Central Young Mizo Association, following a special meeting on last Saturday, issued a statement boycotting MLA H. Lalsangzuala elected from the controversial Suangpuilawn constituency. The CYMA reiterated that the manner by which the independent MLA being elected from the constituency is "undemocratic" and it could not be accepted him as House member.

The statement said that majority of voters in Suangpuilawn did not exercise their franchise in the last assembly polls in fear of threats from underground militants. The CYMA will not attend any committee or function which included the MLA and vice versa, the latter would not be invited to any committee or function organized by the association.

The MLA, in the November polls, was supported by the Hmar People's Convention who allegedly threatened voters at gunpoint to vote only for H. Lalsangzuala. To the CYMA, being supported by communal organization favours growth of communalism and jeopardizes the integrity of Mizo society.

Accordingly, the statement also added that the CYMA would never allow "communal politics" and "terrorism" to take part in Mizoram political field. So to the CYMA this move is a must if the integrity, peace and harmony are to be protected.

On the contrary, to H. Lalsangzuala, securing his seat in his democratic right. On the CYMA's action against him, the MLA has commented that he felt already sad at how the CYMA always attacked him personally instead of trying to find out the real culprits behind the Suangpuilawn incidents where alleged kidnap of candidates and gun-threats took place during pre-polls. "Let them probe (into the incident), and if there is any fault of mine, I'll not wait for a minute to resign" he said.

Earlier, the CYMA had asked H. Lalsangzuala to tender his resignation soon after oath-taking to which the latter was also said to have agreed upon. However, he did not resign.

The CYMA, including political parties, Cong., ZNP and MPC had demanded for countermand for Suangpuilawn polls which the Election Commission ruled out. Later, the EC declared H. Lalsangzulaa as elected from the constituency. He won the seat by a margin of more than 2000 votes (the highest in the last November polls) against MNF candidate Vaninmawia.

110 years ago...............

Aizawl Jan 12: It was January 11, 1894 when two English missionaries F.W. Savidge and J.H. Lorrain of the London-based Arthington Mission reached the remote Lushai Hills inhabited by the "uncivilized Lushais."

The Lushai Hills had been annexed to the British Empire under Assam district.

The two missionaries reached the land via Tlawng River by a raft. They looked inferior to those Englishmen who had already stationed at the Aijal fort so they were nicknamed "Zosap."
While F.W. Savidge was called Sap Upa, J.H. Lorrain was dubbed Pu Buanga by native Mizos.

It took only a short period of time for the two pioneer missionaries to acquire command of the natives tongue. Pu Buanga, with the help of some Mizo chiefs, invented the Mizo alphabet in 1894 and taught this to "beginners."

Within a span of less than 50 years, the whole Mizo society was converted into Christianity. After the two forerunners, other English Missionaries came and went.

The missionary day is observed by all the Christian denominations in the state alike. A special worship programme was held today in every church across the state.

Now, the Christian dominated Mizoram is the state to send out largest numbers of Missionaries in India.

Minor girl raped in Suangpuilawn

Aizawl Jan 09: In another rape incident of a minor, a fifteen-year-old high school girl of Suangpuilawn village was reportedly raped by a man identified as Lalnihzova, son of Ramkinlova of the same village on last Tuesday.

According to a source, the incident took place in broad daylight when the girl was on her way home from school during lunch break. The rapist reportedly forced her inside a house and bolted the door from inside where he committed the brutal act.

On hearing the cries of the desperate girl, some locals came to the rescue but could not get into the house due to door being bolted. When they broke the door and got in, the rapist had finished with the girl, the source said.

A protest rally was jointly organized by Mizoram Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl and students of Suangpuilawn village today.

An FIR was lodged against the rapist with Darlawn police yesterday. At the request of Darlawn police, the accused has been taken by the Aizawl Police this morning.

Mizoram electoral rolls to be revised for LS polls

Aizawl Jan 09: As directed by the Election Commission of India, January 12 has been fixed for draft publication of Mizoram electoral rolls.

As per forms, 6, 7, 8 and 8(A) issued by the EC, claims and objections may be filed during January 12 to 29. January 24 and 25 are fixed for special campaign dates; February 23 for disposal of claims and Feb. 28 for final publication of the electoral rolls.

Speaking at a meeting of Aizawl District Level Standing Committee on Revision of electoral roll on Thursday last here, District Electoral Officer and District Commissioner of Aizawl C. Tawnluaia called for assistance from concerned officials, representatives of political parties and NGOs for an error-free electoral roll.

With Lok Sabha elections round the corner, the Election Commission has instructed all States for revision of electoral rolls.

In the case of Mizoram, the electoral rolls has been updated for the State assembly polls held during November last year. The number of voters in the rolls as on January 1, 2003 was 532462.

Despite strong opposition from NGOs and certain political parties, the Election Commission had ordered the inclusion of Bru voters in of Tripura refugee camps, and accordingly, these voters did exercise their franchise in the last assembly polls.

Besides this, large numbers of Myanmarese nationals staying in Mizoram were believed to have been included in the roll by greedy and short-sighted politicians. Many of these illegal voters are believed to have left Mizoram following the Myanmarese eviction movement last year.

Mizo CM meets Arunachal counterpart

Aizawl Jan 09: Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga had a brief meeting with his Arunachal counterpart Gegong Apang last night at his residence. The Arunachal Chief Minister was on a one-day visit here.

The two CMs have discussed building better relationship and co-operation between the two states.

Apang said that Mizoram is well-established socially, religiously and economically. "Mizoram is a model state. And this status should be kept up" he said.

Gegong Apang also had a brief press-meet yesterday at the Press Club where he asked at least 29 journalists to visit his state. He promised to afford for their travel expenses.

Khatla Flyover Plan to be altered

Aizawl Jan 07: The 1386 lakhs Khatla Flyover project linking the new Capital Complex with interconnecting roads would require modifications to ensure that it affects the least number of properties in Khatla. H. Vanlalauva, Local Administration Department (LAD) Minister today accepted that modifications were required after reviewing the progress of the project with officials of the Mizoram Police, Assam Rifles Range, PWD, LR & S, NBCC and the LAD departments respectively.

Union Defence Minister George Fernandes had laid the foundation stone of the proposed flyover on November 9, 2002. The Union Urban Development Ministry had sanctioned the project in the 2001-02 financial year.

A new plan would be prepared to complete the flyover project, according to a government press note.

The LAD Minister requested public cooperation for implementation of the project, saying that it was essential for the new capital complex now under construction.

The Capital complex would house the Raj Bhavan, Ministerial offices and the Secretariat as also Central Government departments and residential quarters.

The project had run into rough weather after a spate of protests by residents of Khatla who would be displaced from their properties under the original plan.

MNF Govt approves Stenos' service rules

Aizawl Jan 07: The new Ministerial Council has approved the Mizoram Stenographers Service Rules 2004 and Mizoram Stenographers Service Grade-I (Limited Department Examination) Regulation 2004 respectively.

The Ministry has also approved the Mizoram Subordinate Stenographers Service Rules 2004 and Mizoram Subordinate Stenographers Service (Limited Department Examination) Regulation 2004 respectively.

The Mizoram Ministerial Service has been changed to Mizoram Secretariat, the government press note added. It also decided to upgrade the LDC post at the Central Jail, Aizawl, to Special Superintendent.

A detailed project report for establishment of the Sainik School has also been approved, the press note said.

The Ministerial Council formally agreed to allot a portion of land belonging to the Education Department to the MZP to construct its office building.

Maubuang VC Member assaulted by Congress MLA

Aizawl Jan 07: The Maubuang Village Council Court has condemned Congress legislator Lalzirliana's assault of its Viilage Council member J. Rotluanga on December 22 at around 7.00 p.m. The victim also belongs to the Congress party.

According to the court statement, the MLA slapped J. Rotluanga after a verbal altercation arising out of a collision of their respective vehicles in the Bara Bazar area. Reportedly, the MLA was backing his vehicle and collided with the victim's Mitsubishi truck behind him.

The statement said that Lalzirliana behaved arrogantly even towards the police who arrived on the spot of the accident.

According to the court's statement, J. Rotluanga and his co-passengers took up the matter with K.S. Thanga, Congress candidate from Sateek constituency. "Pu Zira is too arrogant and has made himself unpopular", they informed him.

Zirliana is the Aizawl District Congress Committee president.

MPC on Countdown to Extinction: Zorama

Aizawl Jan 06: If the Chief Minister Zoramthanga's statement is to be taken into account, the Mizoram People's Conference party is on the countdown to extinction. A large number of MPC blocks are in bee-line in front of Hnam Run, waiting for induction into the MNF party.

At the re-opening function of MNF office, Hnam Run where the CM made this statement, the party claimed 112 new members, including MPC Hqrs. youth leaders were inducted into the party.

Zoramthanga said the MPC has made a big mistake in refusing the MNF's offer to join them in forming the new government. The refusal was due to some MPC MLA's who were envious of their friends getting cabinet ranks, he added.
The CM said punctuality would be his new government's priority.

As many as fly-over bridges will be constructed within the city whereas car parking project will aslo be speed up, he promised.

Other major initiatives are new health scheme, bamboo projects and others.

Seri Minister urges officers

Aizawl Jan 06: Sericulture minister K. Sangthuama summoned senior officers of his department to his office today afternoon as a new year's greetings.

The minister urged the officers to be more "ardent" "honest" and "industrious" to their work. The officers were encouraged to be devoted and be prepared to come out with big plans in the new year.

These officers of the directorate, district office and secretariat reviewed development works during the past year and previewed initiatives to be taken during the coming year.

H. Rammawi visits Agriculture Directorate

Aizawl Jan 06: H. Rammawi, Agri. & Minor Irrigation Minister visited the Directorate of Agriculture and Minor Irrigation. In his speech to the Agriculture officers he said, "The Agriculture deptt. should go in full swing for the self sufficiency of Agricultural products in the state. The deptt. and the poor farmers should here a good relationships regarding The Hims and objects of Agriculture for the state." He further added that "we should not only follow the Govt. of India policy but try to go on a super speed to over run it, and the department should go on a Market Prospect Base.

In this meeting, Dr. O.P. Singh, Director of Agriculture and Minor Irrigation and L.R. Laskar IAS. Marketing Board Secretary made speeches.

After this meeting the Minister visited The Video Production unit of the said directorate.

Untoward incidents during New Year celebrations

Aizawl Jan 05: Fire display was a major attraction of New Year celebrations, as usual. However, those fire displays cost a young lad his life.

14 year-old L.P. Zothanpuia of Bawngkawn had a great fall from roof top of 70 feet high where he with his friends were busy playing crackers. The boy died instantly when his skull was cracked as a result of the fall.

Another person has been admitted to hospital due to a serious eye injury caused by a live cracker, hospital sources said. Still, another a young man was admitted in the hospital for badly injuring his hand while playing with live cracker on the night of December 31, the source added. One child was also treated in the hospital for injury caused by cracker.

In another unwanted incident, the dead body of 40 year-old Lalrinthanga, a muster roll worker in MAP was found on January 2 at Serchhip IOC Veng under Serchhip Police Station. He was last seen on the night of New Year's Eve. The cause of his death is yet to be known.

In yet another strong incident in Darlung village under Mamit police station, a young man Rosangliana, son of Vanlalmuana stabbed and wounded Jeho Lalhruaitluanga and his friend Lalhlimpuia on the night of New Year's Eve. The two victims are being treated in the hospital and are in critical situation, our sources said.

New Year celebrations went of peacefully in Aizawl

Aizawl Jan 05: Notwithstanding a few stray incidents, the New Year celebrations in the city passed off peacefully. As customary, a feast was thrown in every locality.

Churches and their functionaries organized programmes for celebrations of the New Year. This included special worship services on December 31 midnight followed by the same at the dawn of the first day of January.

Crackers and fire displays were the main attraction on the night of New Year's Eve. The skies above the city was literally lit up on this night. Regardless of the prohibitory orders on sales and display of crackers, fireworks, etc. a bid of farewell to the outgoing year and the welcoming of the new year was mainly characterized by fire displays.

Apart from lights and banging sound which were somewhat noisy the New Year celebration had been happy and peaceful.

Security was beefed up by police in co-operation with local vigilantes during the festival. At least two dozen of persons of immoral activities were rounded up and detained by police on the eve of new year.

While most of the churches celebrated with a one-day feast, some churches did with second day of feasting. Still some local churches organized programme up to last Saturday with community feasts and singing.

Christmas and New Year celebrations were also organized by Mizo community in New Delhi and other metropolitan cities, reports said.

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